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Wedding decor: how to create a holiday that everyone will remember
Wedding decor: how to create a holiday that everyone will remember

An arch of summer flowers, an ice cream van, bright umbrellas. You will not be able to see all these wedding decorations at the registration of marriage at the registry office.

Artificial flowers, Mendelssohn's march for all newlyweds, the speech of the registrar worked out for more than one generation (perhaps your parents once heard it too).

There is another, much more romantic option - an outdoor ceremony. And if you choose romance, then you cannot do without the knowledge of decorating an outdoor wedding.

wedding arch

When organizing an off-site ceremony, a wedding arch takes a special place. Before the bride arrives, she plays the main role in the decor to attract attention.

And she will do it perfectly if you use fresh or dry flowers, lace, photographs of your couple in the decoration.


So that the invitees do not get bored while waiting for the bride and groom, they have not yet come up with anything better in decor than a photo zone. And next to her, do not forget to write the hashtag of your celebration. Thanks to him, you can then easily find all the photos from the exit painting.

Wedding decorations
Wedding decorations

Heel caps

If you have ever attended an exit ceremony, then you probably cannot forget about the difficulty of moving in heels. Do you want your celebration to be an exception? Do not rush to announce the dress code for tracksuits and sneakers, plastic heel caps will be enough. Order the right amount and your lovely guests will be as happy as you are at the outing ceremony.

Area with drinks and ice cream

An off-site wedding ceremony in hot weather requires special preparation and special decoration. Take care of the area with refreshing drinks, cool desserts and an ice cream van.

With her, guests will feel special and will tolerate possible delays in the ceremony with great patience.

Plaid souvenir

When cool drinks are over, and the evening is already approaching, it's time to think about such a decoration as a blanket for guests.

Warm, pleasant, they can also be a souvenir after an exit ceremony. Personalized blankets for each guest are not only decor, but also care during the wedding and memory of it for many years.

Wedding decorations
Wedding decorations

Bright umbrellas

Hide from the sun or rain, use as a decoration for photo shoots or as a decor under lighting. You should definitely not forget about this colorful attribute when preparing wedding decoration.

Suitcase of wishes

An element of decor that will make you cry more than once at the end of the visiting ceremony - a suitcase of wishes.

The invitees can fill it with envelopes, holiday cards with their tender and warm words for your couple.

Wedding decoration should be entrusted to real professionals - decorators and florists. The decor, perhaps, does not seem to be of the first importance in preparation for the visiting ceremony. But to ignore the decor means to deprive your holiday of a special atmosphere.

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