TOP 4 tips on how to organize a modern wedding and not go crazy
TOP 4 tips on how to organize a modern wedding and not go crazy

Every bride awaits her wedding with awe. This day should be the most beautiful, and the memories will delight the couple for many years to come.

However, in the process of preparing your ideal wedding, you can get lost in trends, advice from relatives and customs. Inspired by the experience of the reality show "4 Weddings" on the TET channel, we have prepared TOP-4 tips on how to organize a beautiful and relevant wedding.

Alternative painting in the registry office

The visiting ceremony always looks more touching. The decorations and the place can be chosen to your liking. It can be a cozy greenhouse with greenery, a roof with hundreds of lanterns, or even a patio of a country house decorated with colorful ribbons and flowers.

And instead of the traditional speech of a registry office employee, the presenter can prepare words about the relationship of the couple. Or the newlyweds themselves can pronounce them.

How to organize a wedding yourself

No bride ransom

A noisy tradition with many people can be replaced by a beautiful joint breakfast or the "first meeting" of young people and a walk by the pond. Such a warm beginning will be remembered by the newlyweds for a lifetime. When planning a wedding, do not forget that this holiday is for TWO.

You can celebrate not only in a restaurant

The restaurant will definitely give way to an open space with its atmosphere. The courtyard of a country house, a park, a place by the lake. Tents can be set up everywhere, and the catering service can treat you. But if a restaurant feast is to your liking, you can choose a place with a large outdoor terrace.

How to organize a wedding yourself

And what about the host?

Competitions, traditional activities and vulgar toasts can distract from the main point. It is better to entrust the wedding to the host who speaks competently, feels the guests and current trends. It is better to discuss everything with the presenter before the start of the holiday and even rehearse especially important points.

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