TOP 5 most original cars to appear at a wedding
TOP 5 most original cars to appear at a wedding

There is no need to repeat long-worn wedding ideas with modern foreign cars. Stand out!

On your special day, you want the car that will take the newlyweds to the delighted guests to be special too. We have compiled TOP-5 examples of wedding cars that will make everyone gasp in surprise.

Golden retro

Such cars of the middle or even the beginning of the last century are original, at least because there are only a few of them left on the move. High wheel arches, long bonnet, style down to the last detail. Retro cars make you turn around and look after them for a long time with the thought: “Yes, they don’t make them anymore” - a great effect for your special day.


Harley Davidson Limousine

If you are a passionate fan of motorcycles, and a long dress does not allow you to come on an iron horse, do not be discouraged. The craftsmen have made a Harley Davidson trike for you, which, as they say, “carries the soul,” and will not allow your hair to get disheveled in the wind.


Hippy mobile

Volkswagen Transporter is another car from automotive history, the sight of which will melt the hearts of even the most indifferent to cars guests. In addition to the touching appearance, it has another advantage - together with the newlyweds, witnesses with all the wedding gifts to boot can fit in it.


Batman limo

Who hasn't wanted to feel like Batman, the all-powerful superhero at least once? And also one that drives a super-tech car, which, when you press the right button, accelerates to sub-sonic speeds, turns into a boat or a helicopter. The main thing is that while you are looking for where the fridge with champagne opens, do not accidentally press the missile launch button.


Ceremonial tractor

Surprised by our choice? But now we will explain everything. Firstly, any tractor is more expensive than all these commonplace limousines. Secondly, against the contrasting background of a rough "workhorse", the bride will look especially delicate and fragile. And thirdly, for big cities this is such a rarity that even the registry office employees who are accustomed to everything will not miss the opportunity to take a selfie with such a wedding transport.

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