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Why does hair aging occur, how to deal with it
Why does hair aging occur, how to deal with it

Check out this list and see if you have any of the signs of aging hair!

What if, after all the winter trials, your hair refuses to meet the glossy ideal, becomes brittle and dull? What signs of aging hair should you watch out for if you want cover-worthy hair?

Loss of gloss and elasticity

The first sign that you need to devote more attention to your hair is associated with skin aging. With age, the nutrition of the hair through the bulb decreases, microcirculation in the epidermis is disrupted and long hair loses its quality. In addition, the secretion of the sebaceous glands is also reduced, so long hair loses moisture more easily and can easily become dry and brittle, especially at the ends.

Of course, dry skin can begin not only due to any age, but also external factors, such as: dry air from batteries in the winter or intense exposure to ultraviolet radiation in the summer season.


Gray hair

Gray hair is the first to come associated with aging hair. However, how early and strongly gray hair appears depends primarily on genetics, the amount of stress and the quality of nutrition, and only then - directly on age. Therefore, if gray hair manifests itself in a significant amount before the age of 30, this is an occasion to reconsider your lifestyle and, possibly, turn to a trichologist. In other cases, alas, there are practically no people who would eventually avoid loss of hair pigmentation. Therefore, either accept these changes as another part of yourself, or choose the dye that suits you.

When choosing a color, we advise you to take into account that bright shades generally do not paint over gray hair by 100% and are quickly washed off the hairs without pigment. Therefore, if you want to efficiently hide gray hair, your paint should contain an additional shade of the natural range: beige, light brown (numbers 0 and 7 in the paint color number).

Hair loss

Scientifically, a decrease in the density of hair is called alopecia. Unfortunately, sometimes this process falls on your head like a bolt from the blue, and bald patches may even form. In this case, the most common cause is vitamin deficiency and stress, during which the body uses the incoming micro and macro elements where they are most needed, ignoring the needs of the hair as not vital.

Hair loss occurs due to the fact that no more than 30 hairs grow from the follicles in a lifetime, while the total number of follicles does not change. Along with a change in the quality of the skin, the growing hairs also become weaker and less viable, more prone to breakage and shedding.

The problem of alopecia should be solved by experienced trichologists who will be able to analyze the results of tests for trace elements, hormones and, if necessary, prescribe appropriate vitamin complexes, hormonal therapy or physiotherapeutic methods of exposure (pulsed current) to activate new dormant follicles.


What to do to prevent all types of hair aging?

  • Get the right diet. "We are what we eat" - a saying that is relevant in all areas of health. With a variety of diets and an emphasis on low-cooked meals, you have every chance of getting most of the essential micronutrients with your meal, it is very important to have high-quality fats in your diet. In this case, even if some stress befalls you, the body will be able to actively resist it without harming the hair.
  • Drink water. Yes, this advice seems trivial, but it depends on the efficiency of the sweat glands by the sufficient amount of incoming clean water.The healthier your skin, the healthier your hair.
  • Limit your exposure to hair dryers, irons, and styling products. It is no secret that they all make the hair shaft more porous, heterogeneous, because of this, it easily loses its natural moisture, dries up and breaks.
  • Do regular massage and hair masks… Both procedures will not take you much time, but they will save you from many problems. Massages and masks for the scalp with active ingredients such as essential oils stimulate blood flow and improve microcirculation. Hair masks will help to "smooth" hair scales, form a protective sheath on their surface, acting as a barrier against aggressive external influences.

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