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5 hand baths that come in handy in the fall
5 hand baths that come in handy in the fall

It is the hands that are the first to suffer from the change in the weather, so they need special care in the fall.

As soon as the autumn cold snap sets in, the condition of the skin of the hands, unfortunately, does not change for the better - it begins to dry out and becomes rough. Therefore, it is important not only to regularly moisturize with cream, but also to make special baths. Take note!

It is advisable to do hand baths at least once a week, but more often. It's good if you alternate them.


The recipe that our grandmothers used - though ancient, but effective. If you are boiling potatoes, do not rush to drain the water. This broth is an excellent substitute for hand cream. Just dip your hands into the warm water in which the potatoes were boiled for about 10 minutes - such a bath will moisturize and soften your hands.

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This bath will very well moisturize and nourish the skin of the hands. It uses oils * of olives, peaches, almonds, coconut, jojoba). Lightly heat the oil slightly, then pour it into a bowl and add 1 tbsp. lemon juice. Now put your hands down for 10 minutes. After the procedure, do not wash your hands with water - let the oils be absorbed.


In autumn and winter, paraffin baths are especially necessary, as they help protect the skin from the effects of frost and wind. Plus they perfectly moisturize, improve blood circulation, promote healing of microcracks, and eliminate peeling. You will notice that after the first procedure, the skin on your hands will become softer.

To prepare the bath, you will need about 2 kg of paraffin, which must be melted in a water bath in a vessel with high sides. Before the procedure, the skin must be disinfected with lotion, a scrub and cream applied. Hands are immersed in molten paraffin for 5-7 seconds, then removed and lowered again. Such approaches need to be done 6-8 times, until a thick layer of paraffin forms on the hands. Then you need to put on plastic gloves, and on them - cotton or terry gloves. Wait 25 minutes. Remove any remaining paraffin wax and apply a nourishing cream to your hands.

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For moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the hands at home, baths with glycerin are very useful. For this you need 1 tbsp. glycerin, which must be diluted in two liters of water, add 1 tsp. ammonia and one glass of chamomile broth. Immerse your hands in the solution for 10-15 minutes, and then, without wiping, lubricate them with a moisturizer.


Few people know, but the celery decoction also softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the hands. Just boil a few small celery roots in a liter of water for 30 minutes. Put your hands in this broth for 20 minutes.

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