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How to use eye and lip patches correctly for maximum effect
How to use eye and lip patches correctly for maximum effect

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You may not be applying under eye patches and lip patches on a daily basis, but when you use, you are sure to get superb hydration and smoothness! So how do you make the most of your eye and lip patches.

What are patches?

Patches are small compress-effect masks soaked in moisturizing essence that often include ingredients designed to treat certain problems, such as dullness or dark circles. The patches form an occlusive barrier in the area where you apply them, forcing the essence to be absorbed into the skin rather than evaporating into the air. That is, the main mechanism of action is a banal greenhouse effect.


Eye patches can be made from inexpensive cotton or a higher quality hydrogel material. But patches for lips, as a rule, are only hydrogel. Both materials have their advantages: cotton and cellulose eye patches adhere better when applied and can hold more essence, while hydrogel patches sometimes slip when too wet. But, at the same time, hydrogel patches create a better occlusal seal, which allows more essence to be absorbed into the skin.

Both eye and lip patches tend to contain fewer fragrances and fragrances and fewer potentially irritating ingredients than regular face masks. This allows the patches to be used on the delicate skin around the eyes, which is more sensitive than the entire face.


The main benefits of eye patches and lip patches are similar. A generous dose of the essence provides intense hydration, softens and plumps dry lips and smooths the under-eye area to temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many under eye patches also contain anti-inflammatory and brightening ingredients that reduce puffiness and dark circles.

To get the most out of your eye patch, follow these guidelines.

Use the patches once or twice a week. Do not overuse the patches, as their daily use can be addictive and eventually lead to dry skin.

It is best to apply the patches in the morning while going to work. If you use the patches at night, then by the morning all the beneficial effect will disappear. The reason for this is simple: the skin around our eyes is thinner and loses moisture faster than the rest of our face. Therefore, for maximum effect, use the patches on the same day when you want the maximum effect.


Use patches from bottles of 60. Thus, you will have a stock for 30 uses at once.

Store eye patches in the refrigerator. The refrigerated patches will relieve swelling and reduce redness better than room temperature patches.

Use the patches after cleansing and applying a moisturizing toner. Apply some moisturizing toner just under your eyes. The eye patches will help it absorb better for added hydration.

If your eye area is very dry and needs extra help, apply drops of moisturizing face oil to the under eye area just before applying the under eye patches.

Apply patches for 15-20 minutes. If they are still damp after this, then feel free to leave them even longer. However, do not hold the patches on if they are already dry, as the hydrogel from which the patch is made will begin to draw water from your skin.


As soon as you remove the eye patches, immediately apply a little eye cream to "seal" the effect.

And as a final tip: if you still love to lie around, after your alarm has rang, keep a jar of patches by your bed. Put them on when your alarm goes off and go back to sleep. And when you're ready to get out of bed - the patches will do the trick) The results will not be as pronounced, but the puffiness and circles under the eyes will still be significantly reduced.

To get the most out of lip patches, follow these guidelines:

Before applying the patch to your lips, gently exfoliate your lips. Use a natural sugar scrub that you can easily make yourself. If you don't have a lip scrub, you can use a clean, damp toothbrush.

Use the lip patch for 15-20 minutes. To make time pass more imperceptibly, you can make a small hole in the patch and insert a straw into it, so you can sip on your favorite drink while the patch cares for your lips.


After using the patch, be sure to apply a nourishing lip balm. If you apply a lip patch at night, then you can apply the nourishing balm directly under the patch for the perfect overnight lip mask!

This lip care is certainly not suitable for daily use. However, if your lips start to dry and flake off, you can quickly get them back to normal with these simple manipulations. Also, if you have an important event scheduled where your makeup needs to be flawless, be sure to follow the tips for applying lip patches and enjoy your beautiful plump lips!

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