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"Peach" fluff on the face: what to do if you want to get rid of it
"Peach" fluff on the face: what to do if you want to get rid of it

If your skin is soft like a peach, that's great! But, on a peach there are always small fluffy hairs, which are also on our face!

Absolutely all women have a small fluff on their faces and this is absolutely normal. However, many women find facial hair visible, embarrassed and suffer from it.

What is Peach Down?

Peach fuzz is thin, blond hair on your face (vellus hair). The reason for this name is quite obvious - such a fluff resembles the fluff on the skin of a peach. And so you know, everyone has peach fluff. This is completely normal and you don't need to delete it! In fact, you are probably the only person who can see him, unless someone comes very close to your face.

Of course, you can remove it if you want, and it can even bring unexpected benefits, at least the makeup will be smoother.

girl shaves her face

However, if you feel that you have more hair on your face than usual, this could be due to several reasons: hormonal changes, after pregnancy, before or after menopause, or after chemotherapy treatment.

What's the best way to get rid of peach fuzz?

Before you grab your razor and shave everything off your pretty face, it's worth learning what works and what doesn't work when it comes to minimizing facial hair. The fact that vellus hair is difficult to detect means that it is just as difficult to remove.

The main advice! Only resort to deletion if it really annoys you. If possible, try to see a qualified skin care professional - this is your face.

Let's start by looking at what procedures actually work.


Have you heard of this procedure before? It's kind of like shaving your face, but not the same as usual. Dermaplaning is a micro-resurfacing procedure that exfoliates and removes hair from the face. This clinical procedure is completely safe and effective. Using a disposable surgical blade, she removes the outer layers of the epidermis along with the vellus hair. One of the benefits is that it will improve the absorbency of your creams and serums. If you do not have the opportunity to have such a procedure done by a beautician, you can try to do it at home. There are a number of home face defuzzing tools on the market today that can do this. This treatment is ideal for a flawless makeup application before an event, or as a regular exfoliating treatment.

girl shaves her face

And if you’re afraid you’ll end up with five hours of stubble, don’t worry - dermaplaning will not make your hair grow thicker or darker.

However, if you have hypersensitive skin or hormonal imbalances resulting in excessive hair growth, this procedure may not be for you. Therefore, it is worth consulting a dermatologist or skin specialist before proceeding with a defuser.


Do you know what this is about? Whole face filament hair removal is a bomb that will get rid of peach fuzz in no time - but be prepared for a little discomfort, like several small mosquitoes pinching you at the same time.

filament epilation of the girl's entire face

Threading hair removal is a technique that has been used for centuries for both women and men.This is a very effective procedure, but the skin may be slightly irritated afterwards.


If your peach fuzz is thicker, electrolysis may be the best option for you - it is the only permanent hair removal method and works wonders for all skin types. If you haven’t heard about electrolysis, then this is, in fact, a process in which a thin needle-like device is involved, destroying hair follicles using an electric current, eliminating unwanted hairs for a long time.


This procedure takes a very long time, because it is necessary to process each follicle separately several times. In addition to being painful and expensive, electrolysis also has a number of side effects and dangers: burns, infections, scars and scars.

Depilatory cream

This works, but you need to be careful because depilatory cream can cause severe irritation and even burns. Although this is a quick and painless solution, it can lead to sensitivity and chronic dryness of the skin if not used correctly.

Depilatory cream

If, despite the caveats, you still want to give it a try, just be sure to pick one of your sensitive skin products and apply a mild moisturizer afterward to soothe your skin.


Again, this method works, but is not recommended. Waxing is a pretty aggressive solution for removing facial hair and can cause several different skin problems, which doesn't sound like much fun. This hair removal can result in horrible red veins (telangiectasias), irritation and ingrown hairs on the face.


What procedures for removing a cannon on the face DO NOT work.


Laser - will not win in the fight against peach fluff. This is because lasers are looking for dark hair, so they are best used on darker, coarser hairs elsewhere on the body.


This is one of the worst things you can do. This can stimulate blood flow to the follicles, resulting in thicker, stronger hair. Also, plucking will increase the amount of ingrown facial hair! So plucking is a solid no!

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