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TOP 3 Skin Care Tips You Should Know and Use
TOP 3 Skin Care Tips You Should Know and Use

Several years ago, the host of the TV magazine "Myslivtsi for Divas" developed skin problems. According to Anastasia Koshman, she tried all possible means, but her efforts were in vain.

It was then that Anastasia Koshman was fortunate enough to meet a professional who helped improve the condition of her skin. Later, this meeting led to the fact that the TV presenter wanted to learn more about the procedures and secrets of cosmetology.

Soon, Anastasia received her education and became a certified cosmetologist. The tips she shared will help you take care of your skin. They are very simple, but, oddly enough, not all of us use them in our daily life.

Anastasia Koshman

Be sure to wash

You are most likely surprised! Wash your face ?! Who does not know this ?! Unfortunately, some people think that there is no need to wash: “Why? I don’t use makeup.” But polluted air clogs pores, negatively affects our skin and its tone.

Even if you do not wear cosmetics and therefore think that your skin is clean, it is still very important to wash your face at least twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

It is necessary to rinse off the micellar water

It is very harmful to leave it on your face. It destroys the water-lipid mantle, the skin becomes more vulnerable, so rashes or skin irritation may appear. Using micellar water is just one of the steps in skin cleansing. We wash off cosmetics with it and after that we wash ourselves with water.

Properly selected home care is 70% of the success of skin health

No need to listen to bloggers who advertise this or that cream. It is very important to contact a specialist who will select cosmetics specifically for your skin. And then you can look great and save a lot more money in the future.

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