5 films that will help save love
5 films that will help save love

Sometimes a story told in time about other people who find themselves in similar circumstances helps to make the right decision.

Film producer and screenwriter Yuri Rudy has selected 5 therapeutic films for those who are going through a difficult period in relationships. Perhaps, looking at the heroes and heroines of these films, you will find answers to your questions.

"WE. Believe in Love ", 2011 (W.E.)

“I wanted to understand what love should be in order for a man born to become a king and rule an Empire to abandon his destiny for a woman,” - this is how Madonna, the director of the film, commented on her decision to shoot this biopic in an interview with the BBC. The plot of the film is based on real events and explores the history of the relationship between American Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII of England: for the sake of marriage with a divorced foreigner, Edward abdicated the throne. The original title of the tape is W.E. Is a monogram of the names of the main characters: Wallis and Edward.

WE. We believe in love

The film is - despite conflicting reviews from critics - beautiful and instructive. If we discard the high-profile tinsel, there are two left whose choice was not accepted by either their environment or family. Dislike and attacks from relatives of the second half upset more than one marriage. Wallis and Edward managed to hold out. They have lived together all their lives - unrecognized, condemned, but not regretting their choice.

Beloved, 2014 (The One I Love)

Ethan and Sophie are faced with a problem that is familiar, perhaps, to all spouses with experience. At some point, they both realized that the relationship had become insipid, and the other half did not live up to expectations too often. The therapist, whom the couple turned to, recommended a trivial way to revive their feelings: to go to a romantic place for the weekend. However, in a cozy country house, the heroes discover … doubles of each other, only ideal ones, devoid of annoying features and unbearable habits.


The film raises questions that are relevant for every couple: how to love the person himself, and not his ideas about him; how to remain yourself in a relationship, and finally - is it worth saving the family if the other half is no longer "perfect"?

"Love", 2012 (Amour)

Parisians Georges and Anne, honored music teachers, have lived their entire long life in love and harmony. The test for their marriage was Anna's illness - a stroke, paralysis, a wheelchair, spoon-feeding, a fading mind. Anna is ashamed of the metamorphoses taking place with her, but does not want to return to the hospital. And Georges still sees in his wife the beautiful beloved of his youth and intends to take care of her until his last breath. Michael Haneke's masterpiece is full of poetic symbolism and subtle emotions.


The ending of the film about the battle of love with a serious illness, and then with death, is a foregone conclusion. Of course, Georges and Anna are losing. Of course they are winning. The film "Love" is a very beautiful, non-pathetic reminder of what really matters when we face eternity.

"10,000 km: Love at a Distance", 2014 (Long Distance)

World globalization, pandemic, long business trips, guest marriages, dating via the Internet - today thousands of couples around the world are separated. The longer the distance and the longer the separation, the more difficult it is to keep those little everyday little things - fleeting hugs or chatter while cooking together - that help keep the senses on fire.

10,000 km: Love in the distance

Alex and Sergi cannot live without each other for a day and are even thinking of having a child, but then the couple's plans are interrupted by an unexpected business trip of the girl to the other end of the earth.Alex agrees to a very promising one-year contract to work in Los Angeles, while Cergy remains in Madrid. Now there are 10 thousand km between them. When one wakes up, the other goes to bed and the only link between lovers is video calls. Lovers on Skype cook together, sing songs, discuss current affairs … But can their relationship survive without the opportunity to hug each other and bury their shoulders in their own shoulders in difficult times?

Mrs. Doubtfire, 1993

A kind, touching and instructive comedy tells about the consequences of financial disagreements in the family.

Daniel Hillard works as a voice actor for cartoons - he does it great, but he doesn't bring much money. What drives his energetic and businesslike wife Miranda into a rage: how do you order three children to feed on these pennies ?! As a result, the couple divorces, and the court ordered Daniel to see his children for only a few hours a week. A desperate father gets a job … as a housekeeper in his own former family. To do this, he spends several hours every day transforming his appearance (the make-up artists who made up Robin Williams for this role received an Oscar for their work) - but it looks like the game is worth the candle. Children spend time with their father, he receives money for this, and even hopes to win the former from her new rich boyfriend. Despite a ton of really funny moments, the film sheds light on issues that are relevant to many marriages.

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