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4 easy steps to a naturally glowing summer makeup
4 easy steps to a naturally glowing summer makeup

Perfect summer make-up is radiant natural skin, natural blush on the cheeks and quivering eyelashes.

However, if you use your regular products, it will be difficult to create a “no makeup” makeup effect. In order not to apply tons of cosmetics to achieve the perfect result, it is enough to have just a few correct and necessary products that will become your must-haves for the summer.


So, you only need 4 products for the perfect summer makeup.

Foundation serum instead of foundation

In hot weather, it becomes simply unbearable to use an ordinary foundation: the foundation flows, the skin shines with an oily sheen and the face looks as if it is “hot” under it.

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Set aside a foundation with a dense texture, as in summer it can hurt your skin and clog your pores. Choose a foundation in the form of a light foundation serum. These serums are water-based, oil-free and provide an even tone with a velvety finish. In addition, the lightweight tonal serum will not grease the skin, it will add hydration, and therefore fresh radiance.

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Be sure to choose a foundation with sun protection, because SPF protection is extremely important during the summer months when the sun is especially active and can lead to premature aging and age spots.

The main effect that you will achieve with the use of a tinted serum is the feeling of natural fresh skin with a thin coating, which will provide the effect of makeup "no makeup".

Double shine - liquid highlighter on face and eyelids

A new trend in summer makeup that looks incredibly attractive is the use of the same radiant color on your cheeks and eyes for a holistic look. Of course, we usually put bronzer or blush on our cheeks, but since it's summer now, we change them to something fresher and more radiant: of course a highlighter. And here it is better to use a liquid highlighter in the form of drops, cream or soufflé. The taco highlighter will more evenly "lie" in the skin and create the makeup effect we need so much "without makeup".

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Apply a drop of highlighter to the upper points of the face and then apply a drop of the product to the eyelids using your finger for natural coverage. This will keep your eyelids “naked” but more radiant and this is a stunning effect that will amaze you.

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Waterproof mascara for a delicate open look

If you like the longest, voluminous and fluffy eyelashes with the effect of "false eyelashes" - you will have to change the image, because now is not the case. Instead, aim for a super natural effect. The mascara should delicately lengthen and slightly curl the eyelashes, opening the gaze without leaving the slightest sign of stratification, lumps and heavy eyelashes. Therefore, we put aside the mascara for a strong volume and take out the summer version of the mascara.

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The main requirement for mascara in summer is its ability to stay on the eyelashes and not smudge on the face, even if you are swimming and crying with happiness. Water resistance of mascara is the main summer requirement.


New generation waterproof mascaras contain vitamins and nutritional components, which prevents overdrying and fragility of eyelashes.

Choose mascara with a small silicone brush for maximum natural lash effect, as if your own lashes are long, curved and graceful.

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It is very easy to wash off waterproof mascara.You will need a cotton pad and a biphasic makeup remover (half oil, half micellar water). Shake the liquid to mix the oil and liquid textures, apply the solution to a cotton pad and gently touch the eyelashes. Don't rub your eyes or pull on your skin. Allow time for the mascara to dissolve, then gently remove it with a cotton pad.

Change heavy contouring to a natural blush with a creamy blush

Avoid tough contouring that weighs down your face and instead use a light creamy blush for a natural, rosy cheek effect.

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Choose a versatile pink blush shade that will give your skin a natural, radiant blush. Use a creamy blush texture or stick blush. They have a light texture, moisturize the skin, are quickly absorbed, mimicking the real skin texture, and also give the effect of a glossy radiance.

This effect is achieved thanks to the color awakening technology, which is used in cream blush. That is, blush reacts to the level of skin moisture and enhances the natural skin tone, independently regulating the tone intensity.


Apply the blush to the top of the cheekbones in light strokes using a fluffy blush brush. Wait a few minutes for a natural pink tint to appear.

In fact, there are no restrictions as to where you can apply the blush: just a little on the "apples" of the cheeks or on the eyelids or the center of the lips.

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The main thing is that your face will look fresh, rested and as natural as possible, as if you have no makeup at all.

This is exactly what we wanted to achieve with our new summer products.

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