How to help yourself be online 24/7: seven practical ways
How to help yourself be online 24/7: seven practical ways

Seven practical ways to get inspired and energized.

Each of us, beautiful Women, is a source of energy, inspiration and unconditional Love. But often this source gets clogged, and we lose strength, we already discover a result that does not suit us. It can be a feeling of devastation, apathy, burnout, stress … All this is in no way commensurate with the inner balanced state of a woman. After all, it is with him that Miracles begin.

How to help yourself to be in the resource 24/7 - I share practical advice!

Method 1: Practice with the body

Through practice with the body, you can quickly establish a connection with yourself. This can be the practice of relaxing the body - it is important to relax gradually, mentally filling yourself with white light. It can be yoga, dance practice, energy charging … choose for yourself what the body asks for, and this will give a burst of energy.

Method 2: Creativity

Drawing, singing, getting in touch with art can instantly switch and tune in to a new wave. It is important to open up to something new here. It is helpful to regain creative skills from childhood. They also fill the streams of art - literature, music, theater, painting …

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Method 3: learning new things

Learning begins with understanding yourself. Therefore, it is important to develop leadership skills by attending courses, seminars - now there is a large selection of online and offline courses. What is important: listen to yourself, pass information through yourself, and apply it in practice. And come to educational courses or lectures to those who themselves have gone through a similar experience.

Method 4: Contact with nature

Sometimes a short walk and unity with nature can restore your inner state in minutes. In nature, we connect with our inner natural rhythms, and this gives an influx of strength and inspiration.

Method 5: Communication with wise women

Empty conversations in a woman's circle empty, meaningful ones fill. The main emphasis here is quality. Look for, reach for that wise female environment, after communicating with which wings grow behind your back! Reveal those feminine qualities that inspire you in others. Sharing what is inwardly rich is also enriching.

Method 6: fashion and style

Fashion walks, image renewal, wardrobe revision … All this can quickly and efficiently help and switch over and be filled with new ones. And this does not necessarily require a huge budget - for example, the process of altering your mother's favorite skirt or restoring an old jewelry will also internally return a huge reserve of strength!

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Method 7: meditation

You can enter a special state - remember the moments when there was a surge of energy, and the task is to remember it. You can imagine how a stream of light goes through the body.

As you can see, there are many doors on the way to yourself. The main thing is to start!

All these practices can be lived and felt practically at the Women's Festival "The Art of Being a Woman", where I invite every July 18: Kiev, SKVO SPACE.

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In a single space, we will connect different facets of a woman - personal and professional, spiritual and material, internal and external, through the disclosure of all the talents of a Woman, abilities and facets of the Soul.

Julia Tolkodubova

See you soon!

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