What foods should be consumed to increase potency: a list
What foods should be consumed to increase potency: a list

Since ancient times, people have seen that nutrition greatly affects a person's well-being. Food can make you healthier, or you can harm.

Some products increase it, while others decrease it. To make intimacy with a partner cool, sexologist and psychologist, host of the reality show "Exy" (New Channel) Natalya Yezhova advises adding aphrodisiac foods to a man's diet.


These shellfish contain a lot of zinc and selenium. Their use increases erection. They are best eaten raw.


Ginger root

According to studies, it has a beneficial effect on testosterone levels, thereby increasing potency. Ginger can be eaten raw or made with honey.


An ideal snack rich in vegetable protein, zinc, calcium and magnesium.


Red wine

Moderately has a positive effect on potency. But excessive alcohol consumption, on the contrary, will reduce the possibilities during sex.

bitter chocolate

Its use in reasonable amounts increases testosterone.

Of course, nutrition alone cannot solve the problem of improving potency. You need to get rid of bad habits, play sports and have a regular sex life. But nevertheless, nutrition is the point that is easiest to control and from which you can begin to transform your intimate life.

- says the expert.

What advice Natalya Yezhova will share with the participants of the reality TV "Aksy" - watch this fall on the New Channel.

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