5 simple exercises that can kill laziness and rekindle sports excitement
5 simple exercises that can kill laziness and rekindle sports excitement

For many people, starting to play sports becomes a big problem. The reason for this is irritability, fatigue, stress and other factors. Still, an active lifestyle is an integral part of our days.

Sport strengthens our health, lifts our spirits, and, just as important, strengthens our self-confidence. Despite this, there are those who, with all their desire, cannot fall in love with sport in any of its manifestations.

The leading coach of the Topstretching studio network, master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics and blogger - Milena Milacic will help us to cope with this problem.

People easily fall into a state of stress, which makes them start looking for ways to relieve mental and physical stress. Stretching is one of the most effective methods. Exercise causes the body to release neurotransmitters such as endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Together, they give us a sense of joy, calmness and satisfaction, strengthen the immune system, help relieve headaches, and encourage activity, both mental and physical. Good workout significantly improves a person's quality of life, which is the main reason for loving sports.

- says Milena.


Stretching is one of the best ways to tone your body and enjoy exercising. It relieves tension and stress, helps to relax the body, and also to feel calm and peacefulness.

Top reasons to love stretching

Health promotion;

Uplifting mood;

Improving blood circulation;

Sleep normalization;

Increased stress resistance;

Improving appearance, flexibility, endurance, coordination;

Reducing the risk of injury due to muscle elasticity;

Oxygen enrichment.

The optimal stretch workout is 25-30 minutes. Before doing basic exercises, warm up all the muscles in the body to prevent injury. The best way is a set of small exercises such as planks, squats, push-ups, and cardio, which will warm up and prepare the muscles for subsequent stretching.

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Then you can start the main workout.

Basic principles of doing stretching exercises

The exercise must be performed in accordance with the technique;

It is necessary to stretch in both directions;

Constantly monitor the level of muscle tension and tension, increase or decrease it depending on the situation and condition;

It is advisable to practice barefoot, but for convenience on the rug;

If the exercise brings unpleasant or painful sensations (for example, cramp, pain), then the best solution is to pause the exercise;

To linger in a certain position on each side should be from 15 to 30 seconds.

Top 5 best exercises

  • Straightened leg bends

Exercise: stand in a straight position, bend your legs a little. Put one leg half a meter in front of the other with support on the heel and fully straighten the whole body. Tilt your back straight, put your hands on the knee of your front leg. The lower the incline, the better the muscles and tendons stretch. To stay in a comfortable position, you can gradually deepen the stretch.

  • Bends with hands behind the back

Simple and relaxing exercise. Well stretches the muscles of the back of the thighs, improves flexibility of the back, corrects posture (shoulders, chest).

Performance: stand in the starting straight position, put your hands behind your back and cross your palms. Slowly tilt the body, raising your arms up. At the end point, the body should be parallel to the floor, arms pointing straight up. Since this exercise does not require stretching the muscles of the legs, you can slightly bend them at the knees.

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  • Half-split tilt

This exercise strengthens and stretches the muscles in your buttocks and hamstrings. Allows you to master the transverse and longitudinal twine in a short time.

Performance: Put your legs wide and straighten them. Tilt the body with a straight back, put your hands on the floor. Do not slouch your back, bring your shoulder blades together. If stretching allows, then you can spread your legs even wider and put your forearms on the floor.

  • Garland pose

Performance: stand up straight, put your feet in a position shoulder-width apart. Do a deep squat without lifting your heels off the floor. Spread your knees to the side and move the body forward slightly. Put your palms together near your chest, and with your elbows apart, slightly press on your knees, trying to move your hips to the sides.

  • Upper back stretch

Performance: Bring your right hand across the chest to the opposite shoulder. Grasp the elbow with your left hand and pull your right hand over your chest by the shoulder. Do the exercise for 30 seconds, then change hands.

To strengthen the stretch, you need to make a slow turn of the body to the right and left sides.

This is not the whole set of exercises that can be performed, both for increasing flexibility and as preparation for physical activity and training. To increase the effectiveness of stretching, you need to take into account the characteristics of your body and body, as well as consult with a specialist. The trainer will help you choose a suitable training scheme, choose a set of unique exercises, and also instruct on the technique of their implementation.

Text: Alena Mavrina

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