How to reduce anxiety before an important event: a simple exercise from a psychologist
How to reduce anxiety before an important event: a simple exercise from a psychologist

A simple exercise will help you to pull yourself together.

There is no person who has never worried before an important event. An interview, a first date, a wedding, a difficult conversation that you have been making up your mind for a long time - there are plenty of reasons to "tickle" your nerves.

How do you stop worrying and learn to hold your face? Life hack was shared by Natalia Borisova, a reality psychologist "From the Boy to the Lady" on the New Channel.

Calm, only calm

When a person has to do something important, naturally, the significance of this situation increases. He can think about it the night before, not sleep at night, his heart can literally jump out of his chest.

What to do? It is necessary to reduce the importance of the event in the head. For what? Thus, tension is reduced, and everything goes smoothly. For example, you're not worried about having breakfast or brushing your teeth. This is an ordinary situation that does not require strong emotional costs.

girl in fear

How to reduce the importance?

Let me show you on the example of an interview. You can scroll in your head the day before: “Wow! Wow! They are waiting for me there. What if I say something wrong? Or will I do it wrong? " This is how you raise your stress levels.

Another variant. Just say to yourself, “Yes, I'm going to the interview. Today I will go to one thing, and tomorrow, maybe to another. This is just an interview. In fact, who is looking for whom? Am I an employer or is he me? He is just as interested in a good employee as I am in him. " Thus, a highly significant event will become an ordinary one, you will calmly treat it. And everything will go smoothly

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