5 effective fitball exercises to help build firm abs
5 effective fitball exercises to help build firm abs

Whether you are a beginner or a fitness guru, ball training will make your belly perfect. Just consider the important nuances!

A firm stomach is not only beautiful, but also useful. After all, strong abdominal muscles protect the internal organs from displacement and other troubles.

At the same time, the abdominal muscles are one of the most stubborn in terms of training. Many girls say that, for example, the hips and buttocks are much easier to put in order with the help of exercises than the belly. But everything is not hopeless!

For abdominal exercises to be effective, remember: when exercising, you must strain this zone as much as possible! If your neck and lower back are tense and sore, it means that you are shifting part of the load onto them. It shouldn't be. With the correct distribution of the load, the abdominal muscles begin to tremble and "burn" literally after 15-20 repetitions.

Training on fitball helps to work out even the deepest stabilizing muscles. Practice regularly - and the coveted "cubes" will become your reward!

Ball leg raises

Lie on your back, legs straight, hold the fitball between your feet. Without bending your knees, with the effort of the press, raise your legs and put them behind your back (as in khalasan). At the same time, press your lower back to the floor so that it does not bend over.

How to pump the press


Lie on the fitball so that the body is on the ball, and the lower part of the buttocks and thighs is in weight. Take a smaller ball in your hands and squeeze it tightly with your palms. Curl from side to side, pivoting from the waist. Feet glued to the floor!


Lie on your back. The shoulder blades and shoulders are on the floor, the feet are on the ball, the lower back and legs are in the air. Perform the "bicycle" movement: bend one leg at the knee and pull it to the body, and straighten the other at this time (roll the ball on the floor).

How to pump the press

Swing your leg

The upper back (up to the shoulder blades) is on the ball. The legs are bent at the knees at right angles. Straighten one leg parallel to the floor, lift it perpendicularly up. With the opposite hand, stretch to a straight leg. You can stick to the floor with your free hand.

Ball rolls

Stand in a bar on the ball: palms under the shoulders, legs and feet - on the fitball. Without changing the position of your hands, push your pelvis up, while rolling the ball with your feet and keep it stable with your feet.

How to pump the press

Elastic Abs Workout Rules

Strengthening the abdominal muscles requires strength training (like this ball complex). But in order to remove the fat covering the muscles, you cannot do without cardio training. Running, dancing, aerobics - take your pick!

Replace your desk chair with a fitness ball. Thanks to this, the abdominal muscles will be at work all the time, since they will need to maintain balance.

Choose the correct ball height. When sitting on it, the thighs should be parallel to the floor, and the thigh and lower leg should form an angle of 90 °.

During the day, keep an eye on your posture: keep your back straight and your stomach a little tucked up. In the lumbar region there is a slight natural deflection.

The rectus abdominis muscle is responsible for the appearance of the press, which begins under the breast and goes to the pubic bone. Therefore, exercise for the upper and lower press is a very relative concept. In any case, both the lower and upper parts of the rectus muscle are involved in the work.

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