Wow effect: books that can turn your mind
Wow effect: books that can turn your mind

After them, you will not be the same as before.

I love reading very much: at home, on trips, on vacation. Regardless of the genre or focus of the book: I like everyone. Today - biography, tomorrow - documentary, and the day after tomorrow - a novel. Any book teaches something, even if it is boring and uninteresting - it teaches you that the syllable is not yours, or that such a topic is not fascinating. But sometimes, when you start reading, you don’t know which book will forever settle in your heart and why.

Over the past few years, among all the multitude, only three have touched me: they have vividly imprinted in my mind and have definitely changed something. What are these works? Today I will share them with you.

Astronaut by Mike Massimino

Autobiography of a man with a unique sense of humor. A story about how to look for holes in the walls if doors are closing in front of you.

Since childhood, Mike dreamed of flying into space, but everyone, absolutely everyone told him that he was the least suitable for space on planet Earth: from childhood he had big vision problems, and all the doctors unanimously told him that it was incurable and he will never fly into orbit.

But his vital energy gave him the strength to strive for the opposite.

Listening to the refusal over and over again, Mike nodded his head and moved on to think how to turn "never" into "once."

Astronaut ", Mike Massimino

How did he come to his goal? This is described in detail in the book. Twice he became one of the 7 crew members to maintain the Hubble Telescope. Just think: seven out of millions of those who wish, and Mike is among them.

The book is about the fact that you should never give up under any circumstances, everything should be treated with humor and irony. And only YOU know that you can. No one else, no matter how expert he is, understands the inner potential of a person who has a dream.

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

I mastered this book on the fifth try. I go through the first 100 pages and close: it is boring, unbearably difficult to write, and nothing is clear. A year passes, I hear enthusiastic exclamations, give her a second chance, try again. And… again, not that. And so 4 times. And then came the 5th, turning point: after the hundredth page of the first volume, I realized what I was really losing.

The book is about a lot and for many. You can argue indefinitely what she can teach, but one thing hooked me: we are used to the fact that a poor and disadvantaged person is always a good character, they sympathize with him, empathize with him. While the rich, and if also the heir, becomes a "bag" for moral whipping.

Atlas straightened his shoulders, Ayn Rand

Nevertheless, the position of Robin Hood does not always have a positive effect on society. In the short term, this looks like the restoration of justice, and in the future it leads to complete degradation.

I highly recommend reading it to everyone who is used to looking around to blame - parents, entourage, bosses, government, economic situation, inflation. If you can see the source of your problems in any of these words, the book will help you look at life differently.

The Power of the Subconscious by Joe Dispenza

Quantum physics, neuroscience … Words that would never interest me if it weren't for Dispenza. Life was divided into "before" and "after". And this is exactly the book after which everything changed.

From my attitude to simple things to my perception of the world in general. About how thought affects the body, health and what is happening around. About how important it is to dream and think correctly, and how harmful it is to experience negative emotions. All this is scientific and reasoned so that you have no doubts about what is really important in this life.

The Power of the Subconscious by Joe Dispenza

You will even become less sick and learn to be happy here and now after this book.

The world is amazing in its diversity. And books are what displays it. I am happy that I can learn so many facets even from one volume … and happy that I can share this with you. After all, my own experience is given - to pass it on.

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