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How to dye your hair at home as good as in the salon
How to dye your hair at home as good as in the salon

Even at home, you have to look beautiful. Not for the admiring glances of a man (this is attached), but for herself. Therefore, do not wait for the end of quarantine - get rid of regrown roots and faded length on your own.

Almost a month has passed since the beginning of self-isolation and it is time for girls with dyed hair to think about how to update their color at home. We've put together a few tricks to help you do this as easily and harmlessly as possible.

For starters, hair dyes are divided into household and professional. In a box with household paint, you will most often find almost everything you need for coloring: paint, an oxidizing agent, gloves, an applicator for application and a mask or balm after coloring. Professional paints are sold without aids, so for the first experiments it is better to take household paint.

In addition, all paints have a depth of tone and its own color. The depth of tone is the first digit of the paint number and indicates how dark the paint is: for example, 1 is black and 10 is very light blond. If you don't want to bother with bleaching, choose the color of the depth of your own hair.

the depth of tone of hair dye

Root tinting

If your hair has not grown too much, you can try using tonics, tint balms and gel dyes for now. These are physical dyes that do not give a long-term effect, a beautiful shade will last for a week or two, depending on how often you wash your hair.

There are also toning sprays that last until the first rinse, but it is not very convenient to apply them on your own, the skin next to the hair will be covered with micro-drops of the dye, like from a spray bottle.

When working with tonics, put on gloves and quickly wipe the paint from the skin of the face and neck, if you do not want to go "spotty" later.

girl dyes her hair

Staining with ammonia-free paints

Semi-permanent dyes have a huge plus - they are more gentle, it is more difficult to burn hair with them, and they also do not have the characteristic unpleasant smell of persistent dyes. Therefore, if you are worried about the condition of your hair after experimenting, stop using ammonia-free paint. The paint application technique will be the same as for permanent paints.

Staining with lightening permanent paints

To lighten your hair, you will need a clarifying powder and 1, 5-3 percent oxidizer, oxidizers above - 6 and 9 are not recommended for use at home. You will also need a special shampoo to stop the lightening reaction. An exception is if your color was warm, and you want to change it to a cold one, for example, ashy. If you dye it right away, without removing the previous pigment and without bleaching your hair, there is a very high chance that your hair will acquire a greenish tint.

Staining with permanent paints without discoloration

The basic staining procedure is written on the paint package: follow the instructions, we will tell you about the important details:

  • Prepare in advance everything you need for coloring. Paint utensils, combs and brushes must be free of metal.
  • Use new paint. After contact with air, the paint begins to oxidize and the result can be unpredictable.
  • Apply a greasy cream to your neck, ears and forehead.
  • Divide hair into 4 parts: occipital, temples and forehead, secure with plastic clips. Apply paint along the parting from the back of the head to the forehead, whiskey - the last.
  • Part your hair into 0.5 - 1 cm partitions, generously and evenly apply the color to the partings.
  • Do not be distracted, apply the paint as quickly as possible and be sure to mark the time, do not overexpose the paint on your hair.
  • The paint does not need to be wrapped with a film or heated with a hairdryer, it is better, on the contrary, to provide the hair with uniform access to air.
  • It is advisable to use a special deep cleaning shampoo after paint.
  • If the resulting shade is too intense or not what you wanted, try not to grab onto the new paint for at least a week. A mask made from olive oil or sour cream will help to reduce the intensity of the color.

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