Eye Care: Everything You Need to Know About It
Eye Care: Everything You Need to Know About It

According to the advertisements, the skin under the eyes needs special care, since this area is especially delicate and prone to irritation. But is it really so? Let's figure out when and to whom the eye cream is really needed.

The skin under the eyes really differs from any other on the body - there is the thinnest epidermis, the lipid layer is very thin, there are no sebaceous glands, there is little collagen and elastin, while a developed network of blood and lymphatic vessels. In the language of practice, this means that the skin under the eyes dries out more easily, it loses its elasticity earlier and forms mimic wrinkles, pigmentation changes are more often manifested here.

But the fact is that an ordinary moisturizer that suits the skin of the rest of the face can also cope with simpler tasks. And with more complex ones, for example, like the notorious bags - cream alone will never figure it out. Therefore, here are some criteria for determining whether you need a separate jar of cream.


If you are young and your only problem is some dry skin, use a regular nourishing cream with a light texture, without acids and retinoids.

The best remedy for pigmentation changes in the skin around the eyes and photoaging is a sunscreen. It is recommended to apply it without fail, as well as on moles, fresh tattoos, ears. To avoid irritation around the eyes, choose a product that is free of fragrances and organic filters.

Try to reduce the use of matting concealers and foundations - they all dry out the already prone to dry area around the eyes.

If you are worried about dark circles under the eyes, most likely you will have to approach the issue in a comprehensive manner. Choose an eye cream with ingredients that help lighten pigmentation, but it is more important to reduce the amount of stress, improve sleep patterns, and quit smoking. Dark circles can also be a hereditary factor in skin aging due to thinning of the lipid layer - in this case, it is necessary to increase the density of adipose tissue in this area. To do this, resort to the lipolifting procedure - adipose tissue transplant.

With the appearance of mimic wrinkles and uneven pigmentation, it is worth adding products that stimulate the production of collagen under the eyes, as well as light serums with collagen, peptides, antioxidants, retinol.

Puffiness of the eyelids is another problem that has a lot of possible causes, none of which can be solved with a cream. All you can do is improve blood microcirculation in this area and improve lymph flow. Products with arnica, centella, vitamins PP, K, C, placenta and caffeine will help you with this, as well as lymphatic drainage massage and cooling patches, products based on cucumber and aloe extracts.

No greasy creams, they will only aggravate the difficulties of lymph drainage. And, of course, you need to look for the real cause of edema, it can be allergies, alcohol abuse, poor kidney function, or just a love of food that provokes water stagnation in the body.

In general, skin problems are never solved by creams alone, but they cope with some of their tasks: moisturize, prevent dryness, protect from harmful ultraviolet radiation, lighten, cool, and make a soft lifting. But you shouldn't expect a magical effect from one more jar on your shelf.

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