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Hair care after the sea and sun on vacation
Hair care after the sea and sun on vacation

Strong, healthy and silky hair even on vacation.

The long-awaited vacation is approaching. But the sea, in addition to great pleasure and benefit, can also harm our beauty. First of all, our hair suffers from salt and the sun's rays refracted by the water. Here are some ways to fix this problem while on vacation.

Vegetable oil

Salt dries out hair, making it brittle. Therefore, after each bathing, saturate them with vegetable oils: from burdock to normal and fine hair to coconut for thick hair.

Do not apply oil to the roots, for a little dryness it will be enough to lubricate only the ends and hold the oil for 15 minutes. Wash it off with conditioner.



Masks are always a salvation for damaged hair. To protect your hair after swimming in the sea, choose as greasy as possible masks, also pay attention to the presence of vitamin PP, niacin, which will also have a beneficial effect on the condition of your hair.


Moisturizing is the main rule of hair care in the sunny-sea period. Use a special spray, masks with aloe, and do not dry your hair with a hairdryer or style it with an iron, so it will become shiny and soft.



Do not forget that the sun, along with salt, is the main enemy of the silkiness of your hair. Therefore, do not forget about sprays that protect hair from high temperatures, and also use a cap, hat or kerchief. This will not only save you from sunstroke, but also help keep your hair in perfect condition.

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