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5 life hacks to hide overgrown hair roots while salons are closed
5 life hacks to hide overgrown hair roots while salons are closed

We, girls, are still those lovers of experiments and changing images. And what, if not a change in hair color, can radically change it.

Once, having stepped on the path of hair dyeing, be ready to transfer this procedure to the regular one, because everything that is not natural needs constant maintenance and additional care.

What if there is no way to tint the roots in time, and walking with regrown ones is such a prospect? Who would have thought that we would find ourselves in a situation where all beauty salons and hairdressing salons would be closed due to the announced quarantine? We offer 5 simple ways to help hide overgrown roots.

Master the weaving technique

Arm yourself with various hair braiding techniques. Braids always look advantageous in contrast, focus on color overflows - in this case, color unevenness is only a plus. Today, there are a huge number of braid weaving techniques - you can easily pick up what will most favorably emphasize you.

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Use accessories

Hoops, wide headbands, headbands, silk scarves - all this variety is perfect for covering the hairline. And, at the same time, it will perfectly complement your image. You should also be careful with the parting: an even one should be reserved for better times, preferring a zigzag or a careless one.


Use tinting agents

Do not forget about colored shampoos, conditioners, masks - they contain pigments that enhance the shade, thereby giving saturation and masking overgrown roots. Of course, they will cope badly with gray hair, that's the point.


Paint over gray hair

Special hair sprays and concealers are a lifesaver. They are very simple to use: just spray on the desired area and rub well into your hair. You can also use hair chalk or eyebrow powder in the shade you want. All of the above can be perfectly handled even with gray hair. The effect, however, will last until the next wash, as it is easily washed off with shampoo.

Create volume

Dry shampoo works in two directions at once. Firstly, it gives freshness and mattes shine to oily roots, which enhance the contrast between regrown and colored hair. Secondly, it gives volume to the hair. It's not a secret for anyone that hair that has lost its volume, focus too much attention on gray hair and regrown unpainted roots.


In general, do not get too upset due to the inability to use the services of a master on time. In fashion, naturalness and growing roots are part of fashion. Some stars artificially create the effect of regrown roots to be in trend.

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