4 non-obvious reasons why the tummy does not go away
4 non-obvious reasons why the tummy does not go away

Training has nothing to do with it.

Do you do a lot of sports, go on diets, and your tummy still doesn't go away? There are several reasons.


In the rhythm of a big city, it is difficult to resist the stress. We seem to be working at the top of our capacity and doing quite well. Only this stress never goes to waste.

The stress hormone, cortisol, causes the accumulation of visceral fat, due to the high level of glucose production (the hormone "feeds" on it).

And visceral fat in women accumulates in the abdomen and thighs, and it is very difficult to drive away. Therefore, to get rid of the tummy, try to delegate employment and get enough sleep.



A stooped back brings the body forward a little, so we maintain balance: if the back is laid back, then the diaphragm and pelvic muscles must be brought forward for balance.

This means that our tummy may be quite normal, but it looks bulging due to improper posture. Try yoga: it will quickly put everything in its place and make your figure correct.

Back muscles

Another reason why you can't keep your posture, which means you have to have a bulging tummy, is the weak back muscles, which, with all their desire, cannot keep the back in the correct position. This is often the case with large breasts or after pregnancy.

Exercise with your back: There are some simple yet effective exercises to help you keep your back straight at all times.



Every woman needs a small tummy: after all, it is in the fat on the belly that the female hormone estrogen is contained. Many photos of models and fit babies undergo photoshop, which is why they do not have a tummy. Fitness models starve hard for photos without a tummy, and after the competition they eat it back.

So think twice: maybe you are all right and you don’t need to get rid of your little cute tummy at all?

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