Fashionable lipstick shades for every day
Fashionable lipstick shades for every day

What shades of lipsticks are worth trying for everyone, without exception?

Fashionable lipstick shades are a very fragile topic, because today the trend is pink, and the day after tomorrow it is already black. However, there are such cool lipstick shades that will stay on trend for a long time. Moreover, each of us should definitely try them.

What lipstick shades are worth trying?

Fuchsia shade


Fuchsia is such a deep, bright pink that it can draw all the attention. However, it looks especially cool.

Fuchsia will accentuate your natural blush and add contrast to your look. In general, be sure to try it.

Coral shade


The coral shade has already become a classic. Of course, you need to be careful with him, because an incorrectly selected shade can turn yellow teeth and skin.

However, it will look very interesting in combination with a white dress, for example. Just try it.

Red tint


Red lipstick is a timeless classic that every girl should have. There is one important nuance here: the shade of red should be yours, with a cold or warm undertone.

Do not be afraid to test all the shades on yourself, because you need to find your red.

Nude shade


Nude lipstick is a must for everyone. For example, if you are doing bright eye makeup, then it is simply necessary for the final touch. Therefore, you should definitely choose your nude lipstick that will match your natural lip color.

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