Useful Habits You Can Quickly Learn
Useful Habits You Can Quickly Learn

Try it - it's quick and can change your life.

Habit - this seems to us to be something difficult. We remember that it takes a whole 21 days to acquire a new habit, and even some neural connections must be formed.

We hasten to assure you - there are simple habits that you don't need to spend a lot of time on. But they will change your life.

Drink some water

Water is always a good solution. It takes just less than a minute to pour and drink a glass of water. We suggest starting with a glass a day immediately after waking up.

It will wake up your stomach, start and speed up your metabolism and help you wake up faster.


Say no

Every day we are offered something because of our inability to refuse. Then we feel like a draft horse and wonder how we signed up for this whole nightmare.

Practice at least one no a day. Of course, what you don’t want to do. But we assure you that there are many similar situations. And you will see - it will be difficult. But in just a month, even after one "no" a day, your life will change dramatically.

Do it now

Take a look at the task list. The one that can be done in a minute, do it now. Repeat daily. In a week, your to-do list will shrink by three times.


Write a line

How long have you wanted to write a book? But it takes a long time, it’s difficult, and what if critics don’t recognize you?

Write a line. And keep writing for a minute. And all the same what. You won't write a book in this time - there is nothing to be afraid of. But you will cross the threshold of the beginning. You will also get a solid charge of inspiration.

Look out the window

We work at computers and look at the phone a lot. Learn to look out the window at least a minute a day. This can save your vision in the future, because your eyes need rest.



Yes, all sorts of great sages meditate for years, but are we just getting started? We assure you: a minute is enough to experience all the delights of meditation.

Relax, sit comfortably so that no one interferes and just sit for a minute in silence or to calm music.

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