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How to stop being ashamed of yourself while making love and start having fun
How to stop being ashamed of yourself while making love and start having fun

Natalya Yezhova, the host of the reality show "Exy" (New Channel) and sexologist, explained how women’s desire for an intimate life can disappear due to shame.

For consultations, Natalya Yezhova is often visited by women who have lost the desire to have sex. They have developed barriers because of the shame of the way their body looks.

One of the barriers that closes the source of our desire is shame. It's a shame to show your body after childbirth, because it is ugly. It's a shame to touch yourself, because faith doesn't approve. It's a shame to have fun. Shame is a social emotion imposed by parents, significant adults, friends, and those who were around when sexuality was formed.

- says Natalya Yezhova.

For a long time, women, unlike men, were ashamed of their genitals. Since the Middle Ages, the female genitals have been called pudendum, from the Latin "pudere" - to be ashamed.

boyfriend girl
boyfriend girl

The male organs are said to be visible, normal and natural. And women are hidden because they are ashamed. It is a shame to look at them, talk about them and touch them. Time passes, and the idea that the female genitals, the female body is a shame, remains in the heads of many women.

What to do? How to get rid of the barriers in our heads and finally learn to have fun without shame and remorse?

Stop being ashamed of yourself. But here's the trap - it's just that my "stop being ashamed" doesn't work. If it worked, then hundreds of women who turn to me would receive desire and pleasure immediately.

couple in love
couple in love

If you are really ready to stop being ashamed of your body, then here is what Natalya Yezhova would advise:

  1. We examine our genitals in the mirror, be sure to praise how they look.
  2. We ask your partner to look at your genitals and tell how beautiful they are.
  3. We do this once a week. Desire won't come by itself.

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