3 foods that can help stop and normalize hair loss
3 foods that can help stop and normalize hair loss

According to statistics, the problem of hair loss worries over 70% of people in the world!

It turns out that hair is very sensitive to any negative influences. Each more or less severe deviation from the norm in the body's work affects the strength and growth of hair.

Among the main reasons for the problem of hair loss, trichologists call weakened immunity, stress and lack of sleep, vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency, mono-diets, hormonal disorders. To restore thickness, length and health to your hair, you first need to balance your diet.

Experts of the Useful Program (Inter channel) - gastroenterologist Tatyana Kulish, food quality expert Grigory Ivanov, gastroenterologist Natalya Kharchenko, food quality and safety expert Maria Yanchik, infectious disease doctor Evgenia Menzhulina and quality and safety expert of food products Elena Sidorenko - told what products can help stop hair loss and bring them back to normal?


  • The benefits of beans

Beans are one of the healthiest foods for humans and are very important for strengthening hair. All legumes are excellent sources of protein for hair growth, and they are also rich in iron, zinc and biotin. Most often, hair fragility and fragility occurs precisely due to a lack of biotin. Eat two cups of beans a week and your hair will be shiny and healthy!

  • How to choose beans?

High-quality beans should be as loose as possible, firm to the touch, with a smooth surface without damage. Avoid buying beans if they are wrinkled and soft to the touch. The holes in the beans are a sign that bugs have already eaten with it. It is better not to take such beans.


  • The benefits of kefir

Dairy products, including kefir, are excellent sources of calcium, an essential trace mineral for hair growth and strengthening. Dairy products also contain casein, which prevents hair loss and improves skin color. It also fights chronic fatigue, stress and insomnia. It is best to drink kefir a couple of hours before bedtime. So calcium is absorbed better than if you drink a glass of healthy drink just before going to bed.

  • How to choose kefir?

Natural kefir consists only of milk and kefir mushroom starter culture. Kefir should be white, without lumps and unpleasant odor. A yellowish tint, like a bloated package, indicates that the drink has fermented. If the shelf life of a product exceeds 14 days, it means that it contains preservatives.


  • The benefits of salmon

Red fish contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for healthy scalp and shiny hair. A lack of them leads to dry scalp, and hair looks depleted.

Fish is also a great source of protein. And, as you know, hair consists of 80% of the protein keratin. Fish is rich in vitamin B12 and iron, which also nourish and strengthen our curls. To get the maximum benefit, it is recommended to eat red fish regularly, 2-3 times a week, 100-150 g per day.

  • How to choose salmon?

Fresh fish should have shiny eyes and evenly colored red gills without mucus. Grayish-brown gills indicate that the fish has been on the counter for a long time. Also ask the vendor to press down on the flesh of the fish with your finger. It must be sufficiently elastic and quickly regain its shape.If the fish has a pungent sour smell, and the fish meat is easily separated from the bones, its shelf life has long passed.

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