I hate my appearance: what to do if you don't love yourself
I hate my appearance: what to do if you don't love yourself

How to accept your own flaws?

There is no ideally beautiful person in the world. Someone has a crooked nose, someone is ashamed of their ears, tall or short, weight - in general, there are enough reasons to be complex. But at the same time, some people love and accept their flaws, making them virtues, while others hate their own appearance. What to do if you are turned back by the reflection in the mirror - “The only one” learned from a psychologist.

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There are a lot of those who do not love their bodies. Almost everyone has some special points that they would like to change. But nothing will work out until you love your body and yourself for who you are! And for this you need to take some points.

You are the one and only! You are a person who is appreciated not for ears, legs or some other parts of the body, but for your individuality! Nature is not mistaken, and everything in this world is harmonious, including your appearance. But it's easy to say, "Love yourself!" But how to do it?

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For yourself beloved

To make the body happy, take care of it, listen to it, work on it. In this case, not only physical health, but also psychological health is very important.

But keep in mind that all efforts are not yet acceptance and self-love. It happens that the cost and investment in your appearance, figure is just a disguise and an attempt to prove to others that you are worthy and deserve love. Self-acceptance is a laborious process, because you need to love all your zest, convolutions, every cockroach in your head. Roughly speaking, to become a great friend, support and support!

Accepting yourself does not mean being content with little or living in your own shortcomings. You need to see your uniqueness, recognize it, but also set yourself new goals that will motivate you to move forward and improve.

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