5 attitudes that prevent you from relaxing and learning a foreign language
5 attitudes that prevent you from relaxing and learning a foreign language

Many people study English for several years, but still cannot advance beyond basic expressions. This is often due to negative attitudes that exist in the minds of students.

Together with the online English school JustSchool, we understand the most popular negative attitudes and offer solutions on how to deal with them.

“I’m not interested in learning English and I don’t understand why I need it”

Problem: Motivation in learning a language is the foundation on which everything is built. After all, this encourages you to move forward and not throw at the first failure. Therefore, before you start learning a language, try to understand why you need it, and then focus on priority tasks.

Solution: The SMART system can be used. In it, the goal should be specific, measurable and, if possible, tied to a specific date. For example, if you decide to study abroad or work, you must first find out all the details: what level of language proficiency is required, what topics you have to talk about, how much time you have, and how your life will change if you do all this and achieve the desired goal. … When you understand how your life can change and what needs to be done to achieve this, it will be easier to move towards your goal and stay motivated.

"I'm afraid to make mistakes and speak with an accent."

Problem: Fear of making a mistake is common for many. Because of this, some people, for example, cannot start their own business, continuing to do routine work. It's the same with language learning.

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SolutionA: To overcome or at least reduce anxiety, start developing curiosity about your own experience: pay attention to the preparation process itself, focus on those things that have already worked out. For example, today you confidently talked about yourself in English in front of the mirror only the first part, but in the process you came up with a couple of witty puns or learned new expressions that you want to add to the description so that in the future the audience will not get bored during interviews. This is already a small victory. If you abandon the division into black and white, in the future, even an imperfect performance will become a step for you on the way to your goal.

I see no progress

Problem: This could be for several reasons. For example, lack of regularity of classes or lack of practice. The most common, just, is the wrong methodology of the teacher, in which there is no practice in the classroom. You can study diligently all year, how one time differs from another, read books, but not utter a single sentence. You cannot learn English by studying only theory. Knowing the rule means that you can build and say a sentence according to it. And for this you need to practice, and constantly. After each lesson, you should feel the result and be able to use the learned words and rules in your speech.

Solution: Speak English as often as possible, for example, try to devote at least 50% of the lesson to this, because only practice will help, firstly, to stop being ashamed of speaking English, and secondly, it will help to identify errors, disassemble and subsequently correct them.

I have no ability for language

Problem: Do you have anything to do with mathematics? English is also a set of clear formulas and clear rules. And what about literature? English is the most interesting and beautiful example of linguistic diversity.Is there an ability for music? It will help you understand English by ear. Language is not an abstract object in a vacuum; it is associated with many areas of life. And you can always find that connecting thread that will connect what is close and understandable to you.

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Solution: Think about the moments when you achieved success in life, received someone's recognition and were pleased with yourself. Then translate those same emotions into English by imagining how well you do with it and how great you are at speaking it.

I have a bad memory

Problem: Of course, this factor can really be an objective physiological reality. However, in most cases this is not the case. In addition, even if memory has really lost its former flexibility, it can even be developed with the help of English.

Solution: There are many techniques that will not let you forget, at least, basic words. Also, if during the training you learned to understand the rules, everything you passed is worked out, and the knowledge gained is consolidated and repeated, then you will reach the “point of no return”. This means that even if the language is not used, the level will not become "zero", and you will have a base that cannot be forgotten.

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