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Easter at home: the best ideas for adults and children, how to have a fun and interesting holiday
Easter at home: the best ideas for adults and children, how to have a fun and interesting holiday

2021 will be remembered for its events by each of us for a long time. Even such a traditional event as Easter, celebrated on May 2, will again be held for us in quarantine conditions.

On May 2, at Easter 2021, although churches and temples will hold services and prayers, at the same time, the clergy themselves urge them to stay at home - not to risk their health and not endanger those around them.

Faith does not depend on going to church: everyone should have it in their souls, and refusing to go to church in the current circumstances is rather an act of conscientiousness and caring for oneself and one's loved ones. We found ourselves in circumstances that compel us to change our centuries-old traditions for the sake of health and life. So let's do it with dignity.

Easter service online

A visit to the temple can be replaced by watching the online broadcast of the festive services on television and on the official pages of the confessions on Facebook or YouTube. You can pray with your family and light the church holiday candles at home.

Holy water for food

But what about lighting up holiday baskets of Easter food? Here, of course, you need to move away from the usual rituals, nothing can be done. But if you have holy water at home, you can read a prayer and sprinkle the holiday food yourself after watching the service.


In cities, priests will consecrate pasques in bakeries, factories or shops - you can buy them already consecrated. In the countryside, they decided to put Easter baskets outside the gate, and the priest would be able to walk the streets and consecrate them. But we will have more time to create a festive atmosphere at home, with the help of decorations, decorating and creating all sorts of Easter attributes.

Unfortunately, you will also have to refuse visiting visits. But no one forbids spending time with family and friends online - it is absolutely safe. Why not organize group video calls or funny Skype conferences, where you can congratulate each other on the holiday and share your good mood?

Easter games for toddlers

To entertain the little ones, you can borrow Easter traditions from other countries. For example, children in France "hunt for chocolate eggs", which adults hide in the house on the eve of the holiday. You can devote the study of an Easter-themed rhyme to the holiday. Or play games using dyes - "who is stronger?": Whose egg will last the longest whole and will not break, clattering noses. There is also a game of "pokatushki": whose dye will ride further - he won. And the prize will be your favorite sweets.

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