5 daily habits that keep you from getting enough sleep
5 daily habits that keep you from getting enough sleep

After a hard day, our bodies and minds need some rest, but it’s not enough just to go to bed and close our eyes.

If you are sleeping but cannot get enough sleep, experts recommend taking a closer look at your “bedding habits”. Most likely, you yourself are unconsciously spoiling your full night's rest.

Sleep with a full stomach

It has long been known that nighttime snacks are a bad idea not only for your figure, but also for your sleep quality. The fact is that some foods can cause heaviness and indigestion, heartburn, and these factors will definitely not contribute to sound sleep.

Quality sleep

You use gadgets

Most people fall asleep with gadgets. But a phone, laptop or TV turned on next to the bed is also bad, because the glow from the screen adversely affects sleep.

Pillow does not fit

Poor sleep can be caused by the wrong pillow: too flat, too thick, too small. The pillow should be as comfortable as possible for you.

Healthy sleep

You are not sleeping in complete darkness

Experts say that sleep should take place in complete darkness. Therefore, it is better to give up night lights and other additional glow.

You are using synthetic underwear

To avoid discomfort, choose bed linen and pajamas made from natural materials - linen or cotton for sleeping.

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