5 popular food myths that scientists have disproved
5 popular food myths that scientists have disproved

Food is the number one topic when it comes to myths. When you start reading what you can eat and what negatively affects your health, you understand that it is better to start eating right.

In fact, every product brings one or another harm to the body, and if you seriously get carried away with healthy eating, then sooner or later you come across the fact that only tasteless and bland food is safe.

Today, the editors of "Edinstvennoy" will debunk the most popular myths about products. It is interesting that all the debunking of myths have scientific confirmation.

Fried foods cause heart problems

fried food

The popular myth that fried food negatively affects the cardiovascular system has been debunked by Spanish scientists. So, according to research, the effect on the heart is caused by fatty foods, and not by the method of preparation. Therefore, boldly fry your favorite food. The main thing is to keep track of the fat content.

You need to eat in small portions

Small portions

To speed up your metabolism and not build fat mass, you need to eat as much as you want. The main thing is not to feel hungry. It turns out that your portion does not play a key role in a healthy diet.

It is important that you eat healthy foods and that you do not get too hungry. When a person is hungry, he cannot control what he eats. And the body in such situations always wants high-calorie and unhealthy food.

Coffee influences the formation of cellulite


Until recently, each of us was sure that cellulite appears from coffee. Scientists have proven that this is not the case. As it turned out, it does not affect the functioning of the lymphatic system at all, due to the violation of which there is an "orange peel".

The main reason for the appearance of cellulite, scientists call the wrong drinking regimen and problems in the hormonal sphere.

Carrots are healthy only raw


Carrots, which are rich in vitamin A and beta carotene, according to the latest research, actually retain their quality after being cooked. They fall by only 5-7%, so you can safely eat carrots in the form in which you like.

Eggs are bad for their cholesterol content


According to the latest research, egg yolks do not actually raise blood cholesterol levels. In comparison, corn oil and beef tallow increase cholesterol much more.

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