Why am I not married yet? 15 main reasons
Why am I not married yet? 15 main reasons

A problem that worries many women.

Approximately 30% of women have never been married, widowed or already divorced. Most of them would like to start a family, but still remain free. This is why this is happening.

Looking for his ideal

A woman creates an ideal image and does not settle for less. If the bar is too high, it is almost impossible to find the right man. This problem can be solved only by revising its criteria. Be realistic.

She herself does not know what she wants

The second extreme is when there is not even a minimal idea of ​​who she would like to marry. A woman experiments, chooses men of different types, constantly doubts. In this case, you need to listen to your desires and, possibly, ask for help.


The woman behaves like an impregnable fortress, expecting men to fight to get her attention. Men, however, although they pay attention, try to bypass - arrogance and pride nullify all the instincts of the conqueror.

No skills

If you do not have the skills of building relationships and communication, they urgently need to be developed. Unfortunately, this is not taught at school - fortunately, there are coaches and special courses.

She clings to the past

If the past relationship has not yet been terminated, and communication with the former has not been broken, the new relationship simply has nowhere to "fit in." The woman herself blocks the future, constantly looking back. Put a bullet, turn the page and be happy.

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Waiting for a man to find her himself

To get to know a man, you need to go where possible. Nobody goes to the stationery department to buy vegetables - it is the same here. Take action.

She has low self-esteem

If a woman does not consider herself worthy of love and happiness, then others also subconsciously read it. Even if a man pays attention to her and talks about the seriousness of his intentions, she does not believe him. This situation needs to be corrected urgently.

She has high self-esteem

Such a woman, on the contrary, believes that no one is worthy of her. She ignores everyone or finds flaws. Thus, a woman will not notice a good option even if it appears.

She had a bad experience

Once she was deceived or badly offended. Since then, she has lost confidence in men and believes that "there are no normal ones left." This needs to be worked out. Preferably with a specialist.

She's afraid of losing her freedom

Prosperous women are self-sufficient, and family relations are perceived by them as dependence on a man, unnecessary duties and household habits. But the truth is, if she's successful at what she does, it can easily be replicated on the personal front.

She thinks it's too early

A woman is convinced that before she gets married, she has a lot to do - travel the world, buy an apartment, build a career. And then once - and what was early becomes "too late." One does not interfere with the other, and personal relationships can be developed in parallel with their own development.

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She thinks it's too late

It's never too late to be happy. You should not look for excuses and pass off age as the true reason - act and everything will work out.

She is in a relationship, but her name is not married

A common picture when a man meets with one for a long time, and marries another. To eliminate this problem, it is worth observing how women who are invited to the registry office behave.

She can't keep a man by her side

In other words, the man loses interest, he becomes bored.There can be many reasons for this - a woman constantly criticizes him, puts forward unnecessary demands, etc. You want to stay away from her.

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She's addicted to public opinion

There is nothing worse than living with an eye on others, and some women do just that. In fact, people in most cases do not think anything about outsiders at all.

Of course, getting married is not an easy task. Every woman has her own path, but any obstacle can be removed and be happy. How to do it? Each has its own path and its own methods.

If you feel that you have little experience and do not have the necessary knowledge, you need help and support - sign up for a consultation using the link.

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