6 Reasons to Benefit from a Family Meal for Relationships and Health
6 Reasons to Benefit from a Family Meal for Relationships and Health

Remember when was the last time you gathered at the table with the whole family?

Usually the family gathers together only on holidays or in honor of some significant events. But is this enough to maintain family ties, is it enough for full-fledged communication between household members? Hardly.

The tradition of having regular lunches or dinners together can help you develop healthy eating habits and strengthen your family. Take time to eat together.

Food is better absorbed

Unlike dining on the couch in front of the TV, chewing occurs more slowly and deliberately during a meal together at the dinner table, which promotes better digestion of food and absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Positive emotions that we experience in the circle of loved ones also have a positive influence. Adhere to the rule to share only good news at this time!

Healthy food, not fast food

When planning a homemade dinner, you yourself define the menu and choose the ingredients. Think over the dishes for the coming week in advance, taking into account the peculiarities and wishes of all participants in the meal. Taking care of the healthy diet of loved ones, give preference to healthy products. Introduce the choice of children. Tell them about healthy eating and ask them to find something suitable when you go to the store or market to shop.


Healthy habits

According to the observation of nutritionists, healthy food is more often eaten by those children in whose families there is a tradition of joint meals. It is especially good if the child himself (or with your help) prepares something for a family lunch or dinner. You will see, in this case he will have an appetite!

Fewer portions

The modern person tends to eat much more than is required to satisfy hunger. This is beneficial for food manufacturers, but extremely unhealthy. And at a leisurely family meal, when the meal is interspersed with a discussion of the past day and plans for the future, a feeling of satiety comes with a much smaller portion of what has been eaten. In addition, when serving the table, you can choose small plates.

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Team spirit is strength

In a group of like-minded people, it is much easier to comply with gastronomic restrictions. By refusing the whole family from unhealthy foods, you will avoid temptation. It is much easier to stick to a proper diet, if at the same time none of your loved ones will eat delicious donuts in front of your eyes.

Strengthening the family

According to research from the University of Syracuse, the tradition of family meals and dinners has a beneficial effect both on strengthening family ties and on the health of each family member. The positive impact of family meals lies not only in the healthy diet, but also in the atmosphere itself. The tradition of having lunch or dinner together gives its participants a sense of cohesion, protection and self-confidence.

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