What kind of woman will definitely be happy in the 21st century
What kind of woman will definitely be happy in the 21st century

5 skills that each of us needs.

Women of our time have a very difficult time - in absolutely everything. At first we lived in a system of total patriarchy, without the right to vote and the opportunity to live for ourselves. Then, all the same, they chose the right to work on an equal basis with men, but society seemed to hint: at the same time, the house should be clean, the husband should be well fed, and the children with their lessons. Then we were told that we need to add femininity, otherwise “we will not attract the right man into our life” and threatened that otherwise we will continue to do male work both in the office and at home.

Gradually, such attitudes have led to the fact that we are chasing standards and because of this we live in constant stress. And happiness still does not come …

Have you noticed how many books have been written about happiness for women? Do not count. I’m just wondering: did you pay attention to whether there are such books for men? Their minimum. After all, men do not have problems with happiness. They rarely go to a psychologist, almost never experience depression, and generally don’t think about their place in this world. Just live and enjoy!

What are we women to do? There's an answer. Let's reconsider our outlook on life and develop a few simple skills in order to finally become happy and enjoy life.

We will talk about these skills in more detail later.

Conscious indifference

Stop thinking about what everyone around you expects of you. What will they think if …? How will they look? What will they say? Etc. If it is important for you to hear someone else's opinion, in addition to your own, ask someone close to you: husband, mother, children, best friends. But stop focusing on social stereotypes and even more so - prototypes on Instagram and in the media. Everything is always perfect there. Everyone has time, everyone can. And no, they are not lying. It's just that when they feel bad, they quietly cry into the pillow, and do not reach out to shoot stories.


Smile to the world more often. Smile for at least a minute in front of the mirror every morning. Later, set yourself a timer and smile every 2 hours for 1 minute. Our brain does not see the difference, whether you are smiling at a handsome guy, or an alarm clock. By smiling, you send a signal to your brain to release the hormones of happiness. Do this therapy for a week and you will already notice the result. It's also great to smile during your workouts. Does stretching hurt? Smile! And immediately the pain will be less!

inna miroshnichenko

Willingness to say "YES!" To anything

We lose millions of opportunities because of doubts … What if it doesn't work out? What if I lose more? What if you don't like it? What if there’s another better offer? Try saying "YES!" To everything for a week. All suggestions for coffee, all job opportunities, all challenges of fate. By agreeing to something new, we broaden our horizons. A happy person is always a versatile and fulfilled person. New people, new emotions, new experiences and new lessons - this cannot but make you happier.

Friendship with sports

It has long been proven that sports contribute to the production of happiness hormones. But it is important not only to do it, but also to regularly change activities, adding something new. Let's say you run every morning. The habit is good, but the brain quickly gets used to the good and no longer actively makes you happy. Try to change something from time to time. Especially now, when it's summer, it's warm, you can go on a stand up or go wakeboarding, surfing, and so on. Traditional activities in the hall are also welcome - dancing, boxing, aerobics, yoga. The list is endless.

inna miroshnichenko with her husband and children

Fixing the good

Keep a “happy diary” and write down everything that made you smile. A compliment from a barista in a coffee shop under the house? A neighbor offering help with a heavy package? Favorite song on the radio? Write it all down and review it at the end of the day! You will be surprised how many little things make you happy, and you quickly forget them! This skill can be maintained for life. It helps in the future to be more attentive to pleasant little things.

By developing just these 5 skills, you will quickly see the result. Happiness is a spark, and each of us can ignite it.

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