Oleg Vinnik spoke about an unexpected and unforgettable gift from his nephew
Oleg Vinnik spoke about an unexpected and unforgettable gift from his nephew

Singer Oleg Vinnik went on an all-Ukrainian tour - this is a continuation of the tour, which he had to suspend last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For his concert, Oleg Vinnik can easily assemble a stadium anywhere in Ukraine. Fans travel for the artist in the cities where he performs, and even make a movie about him.

With the onset of the pandemic, Oleg began to lead a less public lifestyle. What has changed during this time? How did the singer conduct strict quarantine? The popular artist told about all this in an interview with the "Morning with Inter" program.

Oleg Vinnik

It turns out that Oleg Vinnik often has to give several concerts in one city.

I have two concerts in all the cities of the tour, tickets for them were sold back in 2019. I really missed the energy that was at the concerts before the pandemic. I remember when I had my first speech after the quarantine, it felt like people had not yet switched on. And when we went on tour, everything was already good. I pray to God that the situation does not get worse and we have the opportunity to speak and give people happiness

- says the singer.

The quarantined artist himself was engaged in creativity - he wrote new songs that he plans to present on the tour. By the way, Oleg Vinnik wrote a solo song for his constant backing vocalist Tayune. Is the singer afraid that she will soon start a solo career?

I have a feeling this might happen. Tayune is not a stranger to me: this is a person who is constantly on stage with me, we have passed thousands of concerts, we have experienced so much together. I know that people love her, they sing her songs with her. Therefore, I will do everything so that she has her own repertoire, an album, so that she can earn her bread in this field.

- Oleg admits.

Oleg Vinnik

Recently, the artist has been living in two countries: in Ukraine he gives concerts and is filmed on television, and in Germany he is working on new hits at his own recording studio. Oleg Vinnik celebrated his 48th birthday this summer in Berlin.

I went to Berlin for the first time on my birthday. I just wanted to sit in silence with my family. But I did not succeed: from midnight, everyone began to call, congratulate. My nephew gave me a real surprise. I haven't seen him for a long time, because he lives in Poland with his girlfriend. On my birthday, when I was already sleepy, someone rang the doorbell. I went out, looked through the peephole, saw my nephew and … went to bed. And then I think: “Oh, Oleg, wait! You didn't dream about it. " I went to the door again, my nephew was still standing there with his girlfriend. Their visit was a real treat for me

- the artist admits.

Oleg Vinnik

This year, Oleg Vinnik received an original birthday present from his fan club: fans shot a film dedicated to the singer.

They congratulate me every year, do not miss a single of my birthdays, I am very grateful to them. And this time they made a film with my colleagues and the stars. I was so pleased! It's cool when the gift comes from the heart. True, I get embarrassed when I receive gifts. I am an earthly person, originally from a village and I know what it means to make money. I know that making such a gift is worth both time and money. But love is love. It is neither bought nor sold

- says the artist.

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