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5 foundation mistakes that everyone makes
5 foundation mistakes that everyone makes

If you put on amazing makeup and your foundation did not lay properly, then things can go wrong.

No matter how you try to draw cool arrows or draw a stunning lip contour, if something is wrong with the tone of the face, then all efforts will go to waste.

This can only happen if you misuse your foundation. And almost everyone does this!

Here are 5 of the most common foundation mistakes many girls make.

Wrong shade

It just seems that if your tonal is slightly different from your skin tone, then everything is fine.

In fact, a slightly orange or grayish tint can ruin literally everything, so you should choose a foundation as close as possible to your skin pigment.

Test it around your neck and in daylight. This will make everything much clearer.

You applied a lot of tone

Foundation should be applied only where it is needed, and not everywhere and more. Otherwise, your face can turn into a simple foundation mask, which will be covered with an unpleasant crust of pores.

You don't cook the skin

Only teenagers can pick up and apply foundation on the face without proper preparation. For adult aunts, things are a little different.

It is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the skin, and then apply a moisturizer and other necessary ingredients that are designed to bring your skin to its senses.

Otherwise, he will lie down incorrectly and ruin the whole experience.


You are not using a primer

A product such as a primer (or make-up base) is necessary in order to prepare the skin for the foundation and consolidate the passed result.

Using a primer will help to deal with the problem of oily or dry skin and will make your makeup look much more beautiful.

It's all about the brush

The tool with which you apply your foundation is important.

Synthetic flat brushes work best - they will help to evenly distribute the product and will not take away the lion's share of your foundation.

However, it is very important to take care of your brush - wash it at least twice a week. Then the tone will not fall on the face in stripes, and inflammation will not appear on the face.

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