How to maintain beautiful skin while losing weight?
How to maintain beautiful skin while losing weight?

With weight loss, especially sharp, the skin of the face and body loses its elasticity. Eco-lifting will help to cope with this. Try it and see: this technique really works!

If you plan to lose not one or two, but several kilograms at once, and even in a short time, most likely you cannot do without physical exercise. After all, when we are rapidly losing weight, the skin simply does not have time to adapt to the reduced forms, as a result of which it can sag ugly.

Lose weight slowly

When we lose weight, the face is usually the first to lose weight. If the weight loss is sharp and significant, and the skin is not young enough (which means that it recovers worse), then the risk of “losing face” is quite high. The explanation for this is simple and lies in the elementary laws of physics. When we lose weight very quickly, the skin covering the usual volume of the body does not have time to tighten to its reduced version and sags.

Therefore, it is better to lose weight slowly, losing 2-3 kilograms per month, and not jumping from size 54 to 48. But in any case, physical training is required. And for the face as well!

Don't let your face get lazy

If we want to have a slim, fit figure, then we load the body with sports training. The face also has muscles that work in the same way as other parts of the body. Therefore, they can and should be loaded. Training will tighten the skin, increase the flow of fresh blood to the tissues - as a result, the skin will look fresher and younger.

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Like a deflated balloon

Most often, losing weight women find that with the departure of the kilograms, the double chin, from which they so wanted to get rid of, did not disappear, but turned into a sagging flabby fold. The fact is that the skin of the neck is fused with the muscle. It is also called the "subcutaneous muscle of the neck." Therefore, the stretched and untrained skin-muscle, having lost its fat content, sags. This is similar to how a balloon is blown out, filled to the limit with air. Without air inside, the ball turns into a rag.

Another consequence of express diets is a "floating" face, or sagging oval. Having lost the fatty frame, the cheeks literally "fall" down under the influence of gravity. The face becomes thin and flat, but with saggy cheeks (which lead to emotion only if you see them at the bulldog, but not on your face).

Plus, many fast diets offer unbalanced menus. Observing them even for a short time, you can face such troubles as dry skin, dull complexion and even rashes. And this will only exacerbate other visual imperfections.

Does age matter?

It should be understood that changes in the face during weight loss and age-related changes are not the same thing. These processes have different mechanisms. With weight loss, the amount of fat decreases, although the skin cells remain young (according to age). And with age-related changes in the skin cells, to put it simply, internal defects accumulated, the cells changed and caused changes in the quality of the skin: flabbiness, dryness, deterioration of elasticity, etc.

For this reason, you need to be very careful to lose weight after 35 years. It is even more difficult, as they say, to "save face" if a woman decides to lose 10-20 kg at the age after menopause. After all, it is the female hormones that give the face a youthful glow. And with the extinction of the reproductive function, the skin also fades. But being mature doesn't mean looking old!

Withstand the years

You can look younger than your age by training your facial muscles. After all, muscles are less susceptible to age-related changes than the skin, in any case, they can be trained to deep gray hair and at the same time have a positive effect. To get an idea of ​​what women aged 60+ look like when exercising their facial muscles, look at the photo of Carol Maggio, Benita Cantieni or Eva Fraser. These are amazing women. Each of them developed its own system for training the muscles of the face many years ago. The effectiveness of the exercises has been tested by many years of experience not only on the faces of the creators of the techniques themselves, but also on thousands of their followers.

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So that the result of training does not disappoint, it is important to give the muscles the right physical activity. Both for the body and for the face. After all, your task is to tighten both the skin and muscles by reducing the volume of fat, giving the face a youthful appearance.

Different systems offer different exercise patterns. Depending on your problem areas, you can choose one or more of the exercises suggested in this article. However, don't grab all the exercises at once. Pick one and practice it for a few days. And when you master it, move on to the next one. If you gradually get used to the practice of ecolifting, the chances that you will do them will increase significantly.

Faithful helpers

Lifting cosmetics will help to enhance the effect of training. First of all - alginate masks. They give a good drainage effect, removing excess fluid from the tissues, and in general help to tighten the skin. But, of course, if flabby muscles dangle under the skin, then no mask, and even more so a cream, will not keep them and will not give a long-term effect.

Another useful and, importantly, very pleasant tool is massages. Both when losing weight and in order to maintain youth in general, first of all, you should pay attention to the lymphatic drainage massage of the face and body.

The world famous cosmetology guru Chizu Saeki (Japan) assigns self-massage - and lymphatic drainage in particular - to one of the key places in rejuvenating facial care. But if it is difficult to massage the body on its own, then every woman can master self-massage of the face.

For eyelids and neck

The skin around the eyes and around the neck is usually the earliest to age. The skin here is especially delicate and practically devoid of sebaceous glands. Special exercises will help!

"Surprise" for tightened eyelids. Open your eyes wide, as if from incredible surprise. The upper eyelid is lifted so that a protein is visible above the pupil. In this case, the eyebrows are motionless, the forehead does not wrinkle.

Make your neck fit. Gently wrap your arms around your neck and push your chin forward as if your head is trying to move forward. At the same time, the neck should remain in place. Relax. Do 20 reps.

To tone the skin, do self-massage with Lyapko rollers. Rolling the needle rollers along the massage lines, you improve blood circulation in the tissues, tone them up, and this contributes to tightening.

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Form an oval

Age is indicated not only by wrinkles, but also by "floating" facial contours. Exercise with the funny name "Cow" will help to correct the situation.

Try to imagine a cute ladybug chewing on juicy green grass in a meadow. Echoing her, perform circular movements with the lower jaw, while actively helping yourself with the facial muscles of the face (as in the photo). Do this exercise 10-20 times, first in one direction and then in the other direction. If you have problems with the temporomandibular joint, perform it with extreme caution. Do not under any circumstances allow painful sensations and “clicks”.

When performing gymnastics for the face, always remember about posture: keep your back straight, without bending in the lower back, lower your shoulders down. At the same time, stretch your neck as much as possible, stretch the top of your head up to the ceiling, and point your chin forward.

In order to additionally use the circular muscle of the mouth and take care of the prevention of the so-called purse-string wrinkles and nasolabial folds, actively move your lips during the exercise "Cow". Pull them into a tube, move them to the side, and so on. It is also effective to chant the vowels "a", "o", "y", "e" - while the mouth should be actively involved in facial expressions!

For a beautiful neck and correct posture, make smooth circular movements of your head, first clockwise, then counterclockwise (with maximum amplitude).Make sure that the body and shoulders remain motionless - only the neck works!

Before exercising, cleanse your face of makeup and apply a light serum. After gymnastics, you can make a mask or apply your usual face cream.

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