How to remove eyelash extensions and not lose yours: 3 safe ways
How to remove eyelash extensions and not lose yours: 3 safe ways

What to do if the time of use of false eyelashes has expired and it is not possible to remove it in the salon? Do not walk around with three tufts in different corners of the eye, waiting for them to fall out by themselves. Of course not!

There is a way out: a little knowledge, patience and effort - and you are already without false eyelashes, and with the least loss of your own. Removing eyelash extensions at home is not that difficult. The main thing is to act carefully and use high-quality means for their removal, so as not to harm real eyelashes in any way and not to damage your eyes.

Grandma's method

If we go with a completely folk method, then vegetable oil will help us here. The glue on which the eyelash extensions are attached dissolves well upon contact with fat. Oil can be anything: olive, burdock, castor oil, flaxseed oil, corn oil - almost any oil that is at hand.

The main thing is to make sure that you are not allergic to it. Burdock and castor oils, moreover, perfectly stimulate growth and restore natural eyelashes with regular application.


Hot method

Heat and steam can also make it easier to remove false eyelashes. If you are a happy owner of a fireplace, you can just sit near the fire for a while - chances are good that you won't even notice how you got rid of your false eyelashes. The same can happen in a steam bath or sauna. If you don't have them at your disposal, then the procedure is akin to inhalation in the old fashioned way under a sheet over the steam will produce the same effect. It is enough to spend 10-15 minutes over the steam - and the eyelash extensions will start to lag behind.


Act professionally

You can also order professional products for removing false eyelashes online. Debonder and remover are what we use to remove eyelashes in salons. Both products are nothing more than an adhesive solvent. Therefore, they should be used very carefully so as not to harm the delicate skin around the eyelids and eyes. The only difference between these two means is that the debonder is more aggressive and faster-acting, while the remover has a softer composition.

The procedure begins with the preparation of the eyes, namely, under the lower eyelid along the line of growth of the eyelashes, we glue the existing patch or half of a cotton pad. Using a cotton swab, apply evenly, distributing the remover (debonder). We are waiting for a few minutes - the exact time is indicated in the instructions for the product - and with the help of an mascara brush or a toothbrush, gently push back the peeled eyelashes. At the end, it is advisable to wipe the eyelids with a wet cotton pad or a light cleansing lotion to remove any solvent residues. That's the whole procedure.

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