5 tips for perfect styling to cope with unruly hair
5 tips for perfect styling to cope with unruly hair

Katya Svinarchuk, a participant of "Super Top Models in Ukrainian", shared the secrets of perfect styling that will help to cope with hair at home.

Beautiful styling is the key to a spectacular look and good mood. You don't have to visit a beauty salon every morning to style and add volume to your hair. It is enough to use the simple advice of Katya Svinarchuk, a participant in the project "Super Top Model in Ukrainian".

Katya Svinarchuk

Tip # 1: make a side part

When the hair is thin, parting should not be done: there will definitely not be volume. Any styling will look more magnificent if you make a parting on the side: straight or zigzag.

Tip # 2: sushi your hair upside down

If you want volume, do not dry your hair by brushing it from root to tip. It is better to lower your head down and direct the flow of air from the hair dryer to the hair roots.

girl hair

Tip # 3: use dry shampoo

Lean forward, put your head down, spray dry shampoo on the roots. Using your hands, spread the product through your hair and wait a little until it rises at the roots. Dry shampoo not only absorbs excess oil, but also thickens the hair.

Tip # 4: get my head right

Proper shampooing is the key to good hair volume. Lather a small amount of shampoo in your hands and apply it to the scalp. Use your fingertips to gently spread over the skin, rinse and repeat the procedure again.

girl hair

Tip # 5: find the right products

It is best to use leave-in conditioners, light emulsions before styling. Do not overuse products containing oils - they can weigh down your hair by removing volume.

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