5 types of men that are not suitable for a relationship
5 types of men that are not suitable for a relationship

The fear of loneliness sometimes pushes women into a relationship with the wrong person.

This is especially the case with those who have already experienced painful experiences in the past. I also felt insecure after the divorce. As a consequence, the wrong man was soon next to me. This helped me to understand with whom I definitely do not need to build relationships.

I am sharing this list with you.

A hero with a broken heart

He recently ended a relationship and did not have time to heal his wounds. Or something tragic happened in his life. Or maybe he was simply not appreciated somewhere. Alas, you run the risk of being in the role of an eternal vest. Most likely, he is not ready to solve problems, but seeks refuge from them in a new relationship.

How to be:

See how a man reacts to the situation in his life. If he tries to figure it out and admits his mistakes, then perhaps you can still build a harmonious relationship with him. If he blames other people or circumstances, he will treat a woman the same way.

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Ladies' man

Of course, it's nice to hear compliments addressed to you, but everything should have a measure. Sometimes this behavior indicates a desire to move to intimacy as quickly as possible. The other side of the coin is self-doubt. He's not ready for a relationship yet and is just practicing.

How to be:

Take a sober look at how he treats you. Is he ready to take responsibility? Is there a disregard for you and your needs? If there is a wake-up call, cut the link before things get too far.

Lover to keep his distance

He does not allow himself emotional closeness with anyone. He will in every possible way avoid manifestations of tenderness, and may not even begin to demonstrate that you are together. This man does not intend to get closer.

How to be:

Often here you have to deal with intimophobia - a condition in which a person deliberately avoids entering into a trusting relationship. Most likely, it will not be possible to create a long-term alliance with him. An exception is the situation when the woman herself keeps her distance.

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King of tragedy

There are shocks in the life of every person. Only someone goes through this experience and moves on, while the other accumulates all the problems. If you know each other quite recently, but already know how his ex-wife treated him, what he thinks about the boss, how unfair his colleagues are, and how much he endured from his neighbors, your situation is unenviable. It looks like a chair on a volcano.

How to be:

When a man only complains, a normal relationship with him will not work. It's another matter if he is not idle. When he solves problems and does not counter your values, it can still work out.

Eternal child

A man does not make any decisions on his own, often finds himself without work and waits for someone to take control of his life. It is possible that he is a mama's boy and is ready to give the role of "mommy" in his life to another woman.

How to be:

Assess your strength. If you are ready to dominate the relationship and solve all the problems on your own, this type of man will suit you.

It is very difficult to build relationships with these types of people. However, do not jump to conclusions - perhaps this is just one of the stages of your relationship. Take a closer look.

When adults are looking for a relationship, then they already had a bad experience. This means that manifestations of each of the listed types are possible. Trust yourself and be ready to go through all the stages of building a lasting alliance with your partner.

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