We build relationships without quarrels: TOP-5 simple rules of communication
We build relationships without quarrels: TOP-5 simple rules of communication

What skills and abilities do you need to possess in order to create your personal oasis of happiness?

A couple is a single whole and they do not need to swear at all. At the moment of a quarrel, a man and a woman talk like strangers and can say too much. As a result, grievances accumulate, and the quality of the relationship decreases. Everyone knows these truths, but people quarrel anyway.

Why is this happening? From a psychological point of view, there are five reasons.

The desire of one partner to dominate the other

We sometimes absorb this desire with mother's milk. In fact, behind him is a simple desire to be heard and to prove that you are worth something. If the partner behaves like this, you can play along with him and reduce the quarrel to "no". Give him 2-3 compliments, praise him for his resourcefulness and making the right decisions. This is extremely important for men.

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Unjustified expectations

Our expectations, alas, do not always coincide with reality. Here you need to try to understand what exactly does not suit you in your partner, and what is in you. Perhaps you should take a step back, give in, in order to win much more - a harmonious relationship. You need to start with an honest conversation that will dot the I and determine what exactly one wants and whether the other partner in the pair can give it.

Misunderstanding within a couple

Irritation in this case builds up like a snowball. Everyone wants to be heard and understood the first time. Think about how you can point out to each other that your need is not understood. This should be your special communication language, some kind of sign that will indicate that you need to be more attentive to what your partner says and what he wants to convey.


Try to figure out at what point your partner starts vampirizing you. Perhaps, by eliminating the cause, you will get rid of swearing on this basis. The second way is to shift the focus of your partner's attention to something other than you, which would help him replenish energy.

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The dullness of life

People whose life is not limited to the "home-work-work-home" scheme swear much less often. Their life is multifaceted, it is filled with bright colors. There is simply no time and desire for negativity. Otherwise, the necessary discharge occurs at the expense of a scandal.

To stop during a looming conflict, I offer you a little exercise. If you feel like you're on the edge, imagine your toddler sitting in the center of the room. Let it be a familiar child who is not indifferent to you. If he does something wrong, tries to offend you, you will not yell at him and insult you? At this moment he is in an unconscious state, but you are an adult. I'm sure you would have found a different approach to the child and acted through love.

This is the principle of quality partnership. You must complement each other, support and guide each other gently. Why try to drown the chosen one? Try to keep the positive energy in your family.

I urge you to use the recommendations from this material and wish you a harmonious relationship filled with happiness and love. And I am always ready to help you! If you need it, sign up for a consultation using the link.

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