How to remove a tick if there is no way to see a doctor: instructions from Dr. Komarovsky
How to remove a tick if there is no way to see a doctor: instructions from Dr. Komarovsky

The tick must be removed as soon as possible from the moment of detection.

The long-awaited summer and warm weather bring not only joy, but also risks. Among them are not only heatstrokes, but also tick bites. This is far from the best friend, can amaze you while walking in the park or gatherings in the forest.

The consequences can be fatal. Ticks can carry dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease (tick-borne borreliosis). Therefore, if you are bitten by a tick - do not hesitate.

First, remove the animal correctly and check for infection, because early diagnosis will help to avoid complications. How to remove a tick correctly and what to do in case of insect bites Dr. Komarovsky told on his website.

How to remove a tick correctly

With the help of special devices, grab the tick that has penetrated into the skin as close to the head as possible, and gently pull it up. After removing the parasite, thoroughly wash the bite site with soapy water, dry it and treat with any alcohol-containing liquid.

how to remove a tick

You can remove a tick using various tools. You can buy them at the pharmacy or find them at home. It:

  • lasso pen;
  • tweezers;
  • adhesive tape;
  • thread (a loop is made and the tick is tightened as close to the head as possible);
  • fingers (with rubber gloves or wrapped in gauze);

What to do after removing the tick

Be careful, if the head of the tick remains in the skin, then you can do with it as with any splinter - pull it out with a sterile needle.

But you can treat the bite site with a 5% iodine solution and not touch it (it will come out by itself within a few days). Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands after finishing the manipulations.

the tick bit the girl

Mark the day you were bitten by a tick on your calendar. Contact your doctor if, after removing the tick, the following appear:

  • signs of bacterial infection (skin redness, swelling, pain);
  • in the range of 3–30 days on the skin at the site of the bite - rounded reddish spots;
  • within two months - muscle pain, general weakness, fever.

Prevention of tick bites

Observe the dress code when going to the forest. Wear long trousers, long-sleeved shirts, and a hooded jacket to keep ticks off the collar.

Move in the forest or in the park along the paths, try to choose more or less wide ones so that your feet do not touch the bushes.

tick in the forest

Examine your body and clothing regularly. Pay attention to the areas around the ears, in the ears, hairline, underarms, navel, waist, groin and perineum, under the knees, and between the toes.

Also use repellents.

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