6 female misconceptions that can ruin a relationship
6 female misconceptions that can ruin a relationship

Women are full of delusions that prevent them from being happy. We have collected 6 main examples of this behavior.

Have you noticed that some have a successful personal life, while others go awry? Part of the reason for this injustice is the delusions of our women. As a result, a chronic state of suffering. First from relationships, and then from loneliness.

Here are six common women's misconceptions.

Love is always suffering

Such women tend to come up with problems out of the blue. After all, they are convinced that one must suffer. Relationship problems appear in large part due to the fact that they subconsciously choose the "wrong" partner. They want to suffer and get what they want.

Where does this delusion come from? I can say that such scenarios are literally teeming with our classical literature, where love and suffering are almost identical.

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It is impossible to be happy if you are alone

This is a stereotype that is actively cultivated in the media and various media channels. The woman absorbs it and believes. Although, if you figure it out, she may not need a relationship at all at the moment. However, instead of enjoying freedom and opportunities for development, she feels that something is wrong with her.

Loving people are always good together

This category of women does not accept spending time separately with a partner. As a result, they misinterpret his behavior, believing that if he wants to go somewhere without her or to be alone, it means that the feelings are gone. In fact, any man has the right to communicate with other people.

If they are silent about feelings, then they are not

Not all men are ready to speak affectionate words openly and with enviable regularity. Most of them are not even aware that this is extremely important for women. Someone is afraid to seem weak or too soft, for others it was not accepted in the family, and others believe that instead of words, it is better to show your feelings with deeds. Conclusion - if a man does not say a word of love, this does not mean at all that he does not feel anything.

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If a man raises his voice and behaves rudely, then he has neither love nor respect

You might be surprised, but being rude can be caused by excess testosterone. It is easy to recognize this: if sometimes he is rude, but at the same time shows love and care by his actions, then it’s a matter of hormones. You just need to show more affection and tenderness to him.

Sometimes, of course, physiology has nothing to do with it. It happens that a woman takes on the role of a victim and lives in this state, provoking a man to be an aggressor. To avoid this, you need to work with self-esteem and inner core.

A thin world is better than a good quarrel

You've probably heard this saying. So - this delusion is passed down from generation to generation and it is extremely difficult to eradicate it. Women are convinced and tell children that conflict is bad and should be avoided. In fact, if you know how to conflict, there is much more benefit from this than from hushing up grievances. A quality conflict never hurts anyone.

Get rid of delusions and be happy!

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