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How to learn to refuse people: effective advice from a psychologist
How to learn to refuse people: effective advice from a psychologist

Why is it important to be able to say no.

We were all brought up as "comfortable" children. But what is convenient in childhood brings problems in adulthood. For example, the inability to refuse other people. Such behavior spoils life, bringing unnecessary work and worries into it.

How to learn to refuse without a sense of guilt, said Natalia Borisova, a reality psychologist "From the Boy to the Lady" (New Channel).

No no no

You must learn that the inability to refuse people is a global problem. And she takes your own life into the background, while you try to please other people's interests.

If you don't say no, you are constantly under stress. Do not stop being angry with yourself, scolding your own softness. And your self-esteem drops to below the baseboard level. Others skillfully manipulate you. The oppressive feeling gradually drives you into a depressive state.

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How to say no?

In fact, learning to refuse others is not that difficult. It is important to accept several facts that radically change the situation:

  1. You don't owe anyone anything.
  2. Your time belongs only to you, and no one can use it for their own purposes.
  3. Nothing can be more important than your own interests and deeds.

And if in doubt whether you are doing the right thing by saying no, then answer yourself a few questions:

  • What does this person mean to me?
  • What happens if I refuse?
  • Is it convenient for me to fulfill someone else's request?
  • Do I have my time to make concessions?

The answers to these questions will help you.

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Never neglect yourself to please someone, remember that respect for yourself is the key to psychological and physical harmony.

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