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What happens to couples who are in long-term relationships?
What happens to couples who are in long-term relationships?

The relationship between a man and a woman brings a lot of happiness, let alone love. When you meet someone close to you, sometimes you can forget about the whole world. You create your own world where you only two.

Psychologists talked about what interesting things happen in couples who have been together for a long time. These are the reasons why they say that "husband and wife are one Satan."

Your language of communication

Couples who have been in a relationship for years have their own language. They have been communicating so closely and for a long time that they understand each other perfectly well and even with a half-hint. People around you may wonder how they do it. This is all the result of a long and close communication, in which people at some moments are practically one person.


An atmosphere of trust

Every family psychologist will tell you that one of the conditions for a long, and most importantly happy relationship is mutual trust. An atmosphere of complete trust may take a long time to develop. Sometimes it takes years of communication. But on the other hand, the advantage of a trusting relationship is that in front of a person you can be yourself.


Similarity in appearance

Psychologists, and just people, have noticed that couples who have been together for a long time even outwardly become similar to each other. And one of the psychologists put forward a theory of why people in a couple become similar to each other. He believes that over time, people become similar in their reactions, they use the same muscles of facial expressions, they often speak the same words, that is, they express their emotions in the same way in the body. This is called the “overall coordination structure”.


Similar manner of expression

People who are together most of the time gradually come to a common vocabulary, their speech becomes similar, pauses in sentences, even diction. Experts even gave a name to this phenomenon. It's called emotional contamination. Many experts believe that by how similar partners are in the manner of expression, you can determine how long their future is.


General sense of humor

People who spend a lot of time together and laugh together. Gradually, jokes appear between them that only two can understand. This is very unifying. These jokes may be completely incomprehensible to others, but these two can go crazy from laughing together.

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