6 unusual ways to apologize and make up
6 unusual ways to apologize and make up

Quarrels and misunderstandings are not uncommon in our life. And that's okay. The main thing is that the number of quarrels always coincides with the number of reconciliation.

But it happens that the partner is especially offended. Neither chocolates, nor flowers, nor gifts help. The only way out is to look for something original, so that the offended one is surprised, admired and - completely forgot what he was offended at. Here are some unusual ways to apologize. (Usually men apologize to women, so the following advice is actually for men. But not exclusively for them).

You can think of hundreds of unusual ways - according to the size of your talent or wallet. If you are not very good with both, you can do the following.

Give a bouquet with a thousand apologies

Well, with a thousand - we, of course, got excited. But you can think of fifty. So, you buy a large and lush bouquet and attach to each flower several small notes, twisted by a snail - with the words “I'm sorry”, “I was wrong”, “I will correct”, “How can I redeem my guilt?”, “Execution or have mercy”, “you are the only one”and so on. This should make the girl laugh and move - and her heart will melt.


Paint oil painting

If your own talents are few, you can use outside services: attract relatives, friends, invited buffoons, etc. Banal inscriptions on the asphalt “I love you” still seem very touching - but rather to those around them than to the object of attention itself. Come to this with imagination - as an amateur motorist from Tambov did. He attracted all his acquaintances with cars in order to build out of them (cars, of course) a huge sign "I'm sorry", which could be seen from the window of his girlfriend's apartment.

I'm sorry machines

Give a mural

If in front of her window there is a blank and not yet painted wall of a house, you have a chance to go down in history. Not all of us are gigantic artists, so it's easier to get in touch with people who can paint beautiful paintings on the walls. Hurry - the number of such clean "canvases" in cities is rapidly decreasing.


Arrange a flash mob

Don't have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends. In this case, this rule works one hundred percent. Your task is to lure your girlfriend (or boyfriend - gender does not matter here) for a walk under the pretext "give me a chance to repent." The rest is up to the participants of the flash mob, the topic of which can be any. The main thing is not to scare your unsuspecting partner.

flash mob

Record / perform a song

Do you remember how original U2 vocalist Bono apologized to his wife? So - just in case. Of course, you probably don't have the kind of connections that Bono did to bring in a fire band, a traveling circus, and four rock stars. But now everyone can film and record. It will not be difficult to record the original video message and post it on her page. She will appreciate at least the fact that you are not ashamed to apologize to her in front of the whole world.

Catch a Pokemon for her

Better than the cutest - Pikachu. And bring it on a silver platter - more precisely, on a mobile monitor - at the feet of a beautiful lady.

As a last resort, the most proven methods of “apologies” remain - sooo expensive gifts, the unoriginality of which is compensated for by efficiency. We are all different - and we also accept apologies differently. Try it - and good luck!

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