TOP 5 life hacks that will help you stop worrying before performances
TOP 5 life hacks that will help you stop worrying before performances

I will say right away that it is impossible to completely avoid the excitement before the performance. The fear of being rejected, misunderstood by strangers, by the audience is one of the strongest.

It is no coincidence that much attention was paid to the art of oratory back in the Roman Empire. And it really has become an art that works according to its own internal laws. And knowing them, the excitement can be reduced by half, and that's half the battle.

Life hack number 1

Before speaking, briefly outline on paper what your audience is - women, men, children, mixed, what moods, professional skills, etc. - what you consider important for characterizing and evaluating your audience.

Life hack number 2

On another page, write what message you are addressing. That is, form the idea that you want to convey. For example, as a news anchor, I want to provide quality information and touching stories that can generate a desire for justice and empathy. Or: you want to promote your knowledge and product and in an accessible way, convincingly tell about it. Now you can move from the head to the ridge of the performance.

Life hack number 3

Remember in school we wrote essays and made a plan? This is the very important backbone that will help you not to drown and follow the clarity of the presentation - do not neglect it. Everything according to the classics of the genre - an introduction, a main presentation with possible sub-points and a conclusion with conclusions. At this stage, you will already feel much more confident!

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Lifehack No. 4

Nobody canceled intonation and accents! You do not like it when boringly mumbled? Next to each item, you can even indicate the desired emotion that you want to evoke in the audience. If you have written the entire text of your speech - underline important words and make pauses - give your words "air", this helps to assimilate new knowledge. Jokes, if they are really funny, will decorate any, even a very serious performance!

Lifehack No. 5

They still meet by their clothes. Think about how you will appear before the public - adequately to the topic, without much pretentiousness, but stylish - your appearance should not distract from the essence and ideas, and an evening dress at a professional seminar will definitely be overkill. Laconic accessories, good shoes, well-groomed hairstyle and discreet makeup. And remember - you should be comfortable and comfortable in order to think not about how you look or where something presses you, but about what you are saying.

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