A blow to self-esteem: how to recognize and protect yourself
A blow to self-esteem: how to recognize and protect yourself

The reality psychologist "From the boy to the lady" (New Channel) told what depreciation is, and whether it is necessary to fight it.

Every person has faced depreciation at least once. This is when others reset all achievements. Well, just think, he has time to work with two children - nowadays … Well, just think, I walked five kilometers, I walk like that every day. Well, just think, got a diploma, a promotion at work, mastered a new profession …

The list of things that can be discounted is overwhelming. Such phrases from loved ones are especially painful. How to respond to them?

Reduce to zero

Even as young children, we all expected to be praised for some kind of merit. And instead they heard: "You have to try, look how Vovochka is", or "Well, nothing, others are worse." All of this is related to depreciation.

Already in adulthood, we begin to realize and understand why we are trying so hard, striving, "jumping out of our pants", and someone in an instant, with one phrase, is able to bring everything to zero.

Devaluation is a psychological defense that turns on in a person when he cannot cope with his own emotions about you.

In fact, everything is not so bad and depends on how you perceive other people's words in your address.

girl writes

Be in zen

First of all, you should not fall into a stupor and worry that someone said something negative about you or your work. This is exclusively the problem of the person who is trying to devalue you. To keep calm inside and grow in his own eyes, he is forced to "lower" you.

There is also a downside to the coin. Sometimes people try to spur you on to new achievements with the help of depreciation, because they are convinced that "taking on the weak" is effective.

Remember, it is impossible to devalue a person if he is confident in himself, in what he does and what he says. And most importantly, if you are devalued, then you have value!

But if someone else's words hurt you, pay attention to working out your self-confidence and increasing your self-esteem! Then all the caustic phrases will pass by.

And what advice the expert will give the participants in the reality "From the boy to the lady" - you will find out every Monday at 19:00 on the New Channel.

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