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About love, jealousy and the formula for happiness: a frank interview with the world ballet star Alexander Stoyanov
About love, jealousy and the formula for happiness: a frank interview with the world ballet star Alexander Stoyanov

Interest in ballet as a high art in Ukraine is growing every year. And all thanks to the talented young couple of world-class premieres - Alexander Stoyanov and Ekaterina Kukhar.

Alexander Stoyanov has become a new guest of Inna Katyushchenko's author's project “Connecting Women”. A man with a strong character and a good sense of humor, a caring husband and father. Talented ballet premier, leader, initiator and organizer of creative and charitable projects for the development of ballet.

For the "Male opinion" section of the "Connecting Women" project, Alexander spoke about love and jealousy, life in ballet and big ambitions.

7 striking statements by Alexander Stoyanov from the interview with "Connecting Women"

On the sacrifice of parents

For the sake of my successful future in ballet, my mother quit her beloved, class work in Yalta, left her husband, took small children and began to rebuild life in Kiev. It was tough and lasted for about 5 years until my father finished building a new house. I really appreciate my parents for this feat.

Александр Стоянов с женой и детьми
Александр Стоянов с женой и детьми

On the path to success

My path was thorny, given my character: I was kicked out of the school, and there were a lot of reports, because I "want it this way, I see it this way and I think it is right." Now I have calmed down and understand that everything can be done more streamlined.

About creative tandem with Ekaterina Kukhar

We have certain family principles, in which there is no place for intrigue and competition. Unless we saw something unrealistically beautiful, cool. For example, in Europe or America, and we want it to be with us too. That is, only in this version. We know what we want, we are moving forward, and if there is luck and luck, it will be possible to do a lot of interesting things.

About jealousy

Previously, jealousy in our relationship with Katya went off scale, but considering how long we have been together, how many checks we have passed, I have absolute trust in my wife. And there is no reason to be jealous. But this feeling must be there, because it gives a peppercorn.

About the ideal woman

As a child, I liked the saviors of Malibu. As a teenager, I was attracted to petite women with thin wrists and ankles. Ballet leaves an imprint on tastes. It is important for me that the woman is not stupid. Should be smart, wise, an advisor for a man. Faithful, her own, home.

About gender equality

It seems to me that gender equality has arrived a long time ago. And in the West there is a bias in the opposite direction, when a woman dominates more in all spheres, and a man becomes shallow in character. But personally, I wanted the woman to be homely, graceful. It seems to me that everything is good in our country, an ideal time and, I hope, it will continue. We have no brute force in anything. The most important thing is to keep this balance and not reach insanity.

About the formula for happiness

The formula for happiness is when your daughter sits in your arms, your son hugs you next to me, your wife kisses you, you have healthy parents, your family is happy and wealthy.

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