What to wear with midi skirts: 8 trendy combinations for all occasions
What to wear with midi skirts: 8 trendy combinations for all occasions

If you are still bypassing midi-skirts, then you are doing it in vain!

Midi skirts are an incredibly feminine wardrobe item that can easily fit into a business, romantic or sporty look.

This style of skirt is perfect not only for long-legged beauties, but with the right combination with other elements of the image - this skirt is perfect for any figure.

There are several types of midi skirts:

  • eco-leather skirts;
  • midi skirt in linen style;
  • wrap skirt;
  • skirt with a slit;
  • pencil skirt;
  • pleated skirt.

I propose to consider several combinations with a midi skirt.

Midi skirt (in this case, let's take an eco-leather skirt) + turtleneck (sweater, shirt) + boots

This look will turn out to be daring, tough and sexy thanks to the material of the skirt, and at the same time feminine and elegant thanks to boots with heels.

midi skirts

Relaxed sweater + linen skirt + pumps

This image will be made in the style - complex romance, the contrast of textures - satin and dense knitwear - will add a zest to your image. It is important to note that if you have a goal of correcting your figure and height, then it is better to tuck the edge of the sweater into the skirt to accentuate the waist, if growth allows, you can wear the sweater outside.

midi skirts

Rough boots (preferably lace-up) + linen-style skirt + biker jacket

Another combination with a midi skirt in linen style - for those who like to attract attention - instead of high-heeled pumps, we add rough boots (preferably lace-up) + a leather jacket, which allows you to achieve the opposite impression - you become daring and bright.

midi skirts

Midi skirt + blouse or top + jacket on top + shoes (loafers, sandals, mules)

This image is perfect for the office - moderately strict, elegant, feminine. You can put the jacket on your naked body and use a wide belt on top - this way we accentuate the waist and make the image more interesting and trendy.

midi skirts

Slit skirt + crop top + sandals

This very romantic and light image is perfect for warm summer evenings, relaxing by the sea. Crop tops are another trend in the spring-summer 2021 season that came to us from last season. If you haven't tried this trend yet - hurry up!

midi skirts

Midi skirt + oversized shirt + heels

In this case, we tuck in the shirt or tie a sloppy knot at the waist. This light look is perfect for a warm season, or for a vacation - stylish, comfortable, romantic, what else do you need?

midi skirts

Pencil skirt + regular white basic T-shirt + denim jacket + sneakers (sandals)

This casual look is perfect for school, walking with friends, going to the movies, on dates, shopping, and for work (if you don't have a strict dress code).

midi skirts

Pleated skirt + top + oversize jacket + shoes (sandals) with heels

This trendy look will definitely not leave you unnoticed!

midi skirts

It is worth paying attention to the fact that these combination schemes will work effectively only with the current styles of the tops.

A midi skirt is definitely a must-have in the modern woman's wardrobe. It is important to find the very perfect skirt for you. Don't be afraid to experiment!

In conclusion, I repeat - dear ladies, emphasize your merits! Remember - We are all beautiful!

Effective shopping!

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