The most fashionable combination: how to wear a dress with pants
The most fashionable combination: how to wear a dress with pants

Who said that a dress does not go well with trousers?

It's no secret that the trend for the 90s. now at the peak of popularity, which means that you can safely wear bell-bottomed trousers, fringes, denim looks, flaws, chokers, and, of course, layering.

The latter, in turn, was especially fond of many fashionistas, which means that it is unlikely to soon become irrelevant.

Since the summer is not particularly in a hurry to visit us, that is, there is a little time to experiment with multi-layered looks - use a complex combination of a dress with trousers.

Dior offered us a lot of interesting options in the Ready to wear spring-summer 2021 collection. In it you can see references to the boho, rustic, ethnic, etc. styles. Most of the looks are based on layering - the use of tunics, kimonos, dresses over loose, relaxed trousers.

dress with trousers dress with trousers dress with trousers dress with trousers

One of the ways you can use this technique is to create a total denim image. Those. to loose denim trousers, we also add a denim dress, a bag and enhance the effect with a headband made of a similar fabric.

dress with trousers

Another spring-summer 2021 trend is total white. In this case, we will also use white pants, a white dress, and as an example in the photo - a white jacket. Yes, yes - everything is white! Very impractical, but how elegant and expensive!

dress with trousers

Either, you can use black for contrasting girls, or for lovers of black, and there are a lot of such ladies. However, in order to make the image more interesting, it is worth using different textures of trousers and dresses, in this case, your image will want to be "considered".

dress with trousers

Of course, you can use the dress as an accent in the image, with the help of color, print, design. Use basic jeans or pants to avoid cluttering your look. You can add accent accessories - a bag and shoes, but here it will be important not to make the image too bright and complex.

dress with trousers dress with trousers

What kind of dresses can you use?

Not all dress options can be worn over trousers.

First, a shirt dress, a robe dress is perfect. These dresses can be worn buttoned up, the bottom buttons can be unbuttoned, or used as a cape.

dress with trousers dress with trousers

Secondly, short dresses - tunics are suitable, the principles of selecting such dresses for trousers remain the same: contrast in texture, or in color and print.

dress with trousers

And, of course, dresses with slits. Basically, these dresses are made to be used as a top layer. You can use this option for an evening look. You will definitely not remain unnoticed!

dress with trousers dress with trousers

It is important to note that this style trick is for your figure and make a square out of you! If you really want to try this combination, but still there is something wrong in the mirror, then try using a belt and a small heel.

Don't be afraid to experiment! Spring-summer is the right time to try new combinations of textures, combinations of wardrobe items, colors and prints!

In conclusion, I repeat - dear ladies, emphasize your merits! Remember - We are all beautiful!

Effective shopping!

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